Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Vloggi is the first crowdsourced travel film production platform. It uses a simple video capture app to create unique video content for the tourism and travel industries.

Anyone can post a filming assignment (we call it a Vlog op). This Vlog op includes both a brief and a location. Our system then pushes Vlog ops to registered Vloggers nearby. Vloggers can also browse Vlog ops for their future travel destinations. We pass on the Vlog op posting fee to the Vlogger (minus a small commission)

Vloggi is operated by Ciné Souk Pty Ltd, a Sydney-based company founded by Justin Wastnage, a former travel journalist and tourism executive. Ciné Souk is driven by the passion for video travel storytelling and a desire to pay content creators fairly for their work.

Vloggers will be paid a set fee for each Vloggi they produce plus a 50% share of the syndication rights for every clip we licence to organisations

Each Vlog op varies due to the quantity. However, the minimum you’ll earn for shooting a single 10-second Vlog is US$17.10, but most clients will post a batch of 5-10 Vlog Ops at once, with earnings closer to US$50 per Vlogger.

However, the better the Vloggi, the more chance it is to be subsequently re-used. We market the content on behalf of the Vlogger and split the royalties.

Register to become a Vlogger and be one of the first to be contacted when we get Vlog assignments in.

No. We are concentrating on travel journalists and Vloggers in our initial phase, as they have proven abilities to tell travel stories. But we are open to showcasing the talents of all visually talented travellers.

We share our licensing revenue 50:50 with Vloggers. The success of a travel video relies on engaging content coupled with search engine optimisation. The better the Vloggi and the more accurate tags you enter, the more your video will be viewed by potential customers.

Yes. In order to keep all videos within our content management system and to make them as indexable as possible by search engines, we fit all our our films into a set format.

Our app is available on the App Store here [link to app store]

Absolutely. You can shoot Vloggis as you travel on anything. All the Vloggis go into our library for resale and Vloggers will receive royalties every time they are resold.

At the moment the app is only available in Apple iOs. There will be an Android version coming soon.


No, you won't need to worry about editing. Our app captures and captions the entire Vloggi.

Individual Vloggis are displayed either individually or assembled with others clips into Vlogettes (60-90 second Vlogs) or into Vlogbursts, a unique video Vlog streaming service.

To assist clients, we have created a number of common Vlog formats (such as hotel reviews, destination profiles, neighbourhood guides). We have programmed these in as suggestions. As a Vlogger you may get used to the assignments if the customer has used a template to post the Vlog op.

Yes. Each Vlogging is available free of charge to embed in social media and other websites. You are free to reuse the captioned Vlogging wherever you chose.

The Vlogger owns the copyright on the footage shot for Vloggi, which we licence on their behalf. Ciné Souk Pty Ltd owns the copyright on the captioned Vloggi, which was created using its app.

Yes. If you wish to terminate your agreement with us, you may withdraw your Vloggis from sale. You will receive the original footage files. However, any Vloggis that have been licensed for resale will be available to the customer for the duration of the licence.

In Australia you do not need permission to film people in public places, so long as they are not the subject of the film. This reportage rule varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, but most countries allow for fair representation of public places. We will be working on a model release form integrated into the app for those people who are clearly identified.

When responding to Vlog ops, property rights are granted by the client. In other instances, we will seek property rights and/or brand rights before resale.

We celebrate the experiences we enjoy when we travel. Anything is possible so long as the content is legal in jurisdictions where we operate.