Vloggi is the world's simplest video blogging platform

Easily create your own vlog or crowdsource video content

10 seconds is all you need

  • Vloggis are microvlogs
  • 10 seconds of video, with captions and location overlaid
  • Edited together in the app into one 10-second file
  • All the content is licensed to share or download

Vloggis are building blocks

  • Remix to tell your story
  • Vloggis can be combined into playlists
  • Group by location, theme or business
  • Our system automatically edits playlists together

Need fresh, authentic video content?

Create a Vloggi project and harness the power of the crowd

Vloggi is a new way of sourcing collaborative user-generated video content


Create your own vlogs using the world's simplest video blogging app. Download the auto-edit Vloggi app and start sharing video stories ten seconds at a time


Crowdsource with hundreds of creatives and collaborate on a single short film. Learn more about crowdsourced video production here.


Curate your own custom video blog playlist by location, theme or project. Start by exploring and remixing from our Vloggi library

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