How to build trust with user-generated content

Build trust with user-generated content

Wondering what it takes to gain customers’ trust and convert potential leads into customers? Then keep reading to find out how you can leverage your existing happy customers to build trust with user-generated content and help you convert potential leads into new customers.   Why you need to build trust with your customers   It […]

5 ways user-generated video content is changing the world

user-generated video content is changing the world

User-generated video content is changing the world. The internet has opened up new ways for people to express their views, share their experiences and talk about causes that are important to them. Social media makes it easy for people to share their lives with others in the form of images and videos – from the […]

UGC Should be a Part of Your Non-Profit Marketing Strategy

UGC part non-profit marketing strategy

Are you trying to do your non-profit marketing on a shoestring budget? Are you looking for a cost-effective yet highly efficient way to engage your audience and gain support? Here’s why user-generated content should be a part of your marketing strategy.   With many organizations out there with equally important missions, your non-profit needs to […]

4 Easy Ways to Collect Video Testimonials from Customers

Collect customer video testimonials

Do you have happy customers who love talking about your brand? Are they saying great things about you? Then you should make sure potential customers hear about it and collect video testimonials to share with them!   Why video testimonials?   An authentic review or testimonial can go a long way in convincing new customers […]

5 successful user-generated content example for you to re-use in your marketing strategy


Are you looking for the next big thing for your marketing strategy? Something new and exciting that engages your audience. Then check out these user-generated content examples.   But why? User-generated content (UGC) is popular because it engages a brand’s community and helps create brand awareness while being really effective and low-cost. UGC leverages your […]

7 Places to Post User-Generated Video Content

Places to post user-generated video content you've collected

If you’re thinking of collecting user-generated videos (UGV) or are about to start the journey, it’s a super exciting time! UGV is a great way to engage your community while collecting low-cost, highly impactful marketing videos. To take full advantage of it, you have to make it a part of the content strategy and know […]

How asynchronous video messages can save time and combat Zoom fatigue


Where did asynchronous video messages even come from? As people started working remotely due to COVID-19 pandemic, live video conferencing tools like Zoom became the primary way for employees to communicate with their teams. But as the pandemic dragged on, ‘Zoom fatigue’ set in as more workers spent several hours each day on video conferencing. […]

5 ways video résumés can fast-track your recruitment

Video resumes by Vloggi

The hiring and recruitment process can be a long, drawn-out undertaking. With Covid restrictions and remote working, human resource teams have adapted quite well to virtual interviews. However, hiring managers have had to constantly change their calendars, coordinate with candidates in different time zones and living situations like never before. Zoom interviews just don’t seem […]

How to incentivize your community to participate in UGC campaign

A group who participate in UGC campaign

To get your community to participate in UGC campaigns and contests, you need to make it worth their time and effort by offering prizes and benefits. By providing an incentive, you can get your community excited to participate in the activity. This could be intrinsic or extrinsic motivation. Whatever incentive or reward you choose, make […]