Frequently Asked Questions

Vloggi® is the home of fanmade films™.

Vloggi is the first collaborative video production platform. Our tools make it easy for companies to source, brand and use unique video content created by their fans.

Vloggi combines automated video production with the sharing economy to massively reduce video content costs. This opens video production up to anyone needing authentic video from small community groups to the largest brands.
As someone needing video content, start by creating a Vloggi project , where you create a brief for potential vloggers to film. Here you can add either paid assignments for footage you definitely need, or add a prize to incentivise vloggers through a contest.
As a content creator, head to the Apple App Store to download the Vloggi app, which is the simplest video blogging tool ever created. Simply film a whole bunch of 10-second microvlogs, upload them and then remix your favourites Vloggis together into playlists. You can share from the app to your social media.
The system is fully geoloacted, meaning you'll never have to guess the location of a vlog again.

Vloggi is a collaborative video production platform. So anywhere where you need to create video content and have an engaged community, you can use our tools to capture and brand authentic video content. Anyone can create a Vloggi project which can then be promoted through yoru usual promotion channels. For a small business, this could be as simple as a poster, whereas for a large organisation, using social media channels and websites may be more effective. You can use the Vloggis as soon as the first entry comes in, on its own, complete with caption. Then merge with other Vloggis to create an endless mosiac of unique video content. You can also create a brand template for each brand, campaign or sub-brand you have, so the Vloggis will have consistent branding elements. You only pay for what you use and license to download and reuse. Find out more about how to use Vloggi for business at our blog page.

Vloggi has a unique profit share mechanism that allows vloggers to earn money from every piece of video content they create. Each 10-second Vloggi is licensed at the time of creation. Vloggi operates like a dynamic stock video library. Basic re-use of Vloggis is free-of-charge under Creative Commons licence, but commercial re-use requires a paid licence. Every time a licence is purchased, we split the royalties with the creator, with a minumum of 50 percent being paid to the vlogger. The Vloggi rates of pay can be found here. Payment is available via Paypal and can be requested on both the app and the My account page of

We pay a dollar a second! Vloggi markets your video content on your behalf and we split the royalties with you.

What this means in practice that Vloggis are bought and sold on the Vloggi system using a system of credits. Each credit costs US$20 to purchase and Vloggers are paid US$10 for credit. Our pricing is tiered depening on how the customer uses the video content, from standard definition web video up to clean footage in high definition. Vloggers will be paid at least 50 percent of the total received.

In short, the better the Vloggi, the more chance it is to be subsequently re-used.

You do not make Vloggis for us, you make them for yourself or for customers to purchase. But first step is to head to the Apple App Store to download the Vloggi app, the world's simplest video blogging tool . The app creates 10-second microvlogs on the fly, with no editing required. Simply point and shoot some action, change angle and repeat. Add a quick caption to turn it from a video into a video blog and voilà, seconds later a fully produced mini video blog will be published. Then just clip these togerher using the app or online to create longer videos by theme, location or whatever. Learn more about how you can Travel more. Earn more. Edit Less with Vloggi in your pocket.

No. Although we are concentrating on the travel sector in our initial phase, as locations lend themselves to video blogging, anyone with a keen visual eye can make great 10-second Vloggis and earn money. Anyone can start a project to collaborate with co-workers, club members or community members. Anyone can then make Vloggis to contribute into that project.

We share our licensing revenue 50:50 with Vloggers. The success of a Vloggi relies on engaging content coupled with search engine optimisation. The better the Vloggi, the more desriptive the caption and the more accurate the tags you enter, the more your video will be viewed by potential customers and downloaded for resale.

In order to keep all videos within our content management system and to make them as indexable as possible by search engines, we fit all our our films into a set format. The best way to ensure your video meets these criteria is to film in the app.

Head to the Apple App Store to download the Vloggi app

. However, we do also allow the uploding of video footage, which can then be captioned and geolocated manually. Upload your video blogs here and start earning money from the videos already on your phone.

Yes. Vloggi is an open platform. All content created is visable to anyone and can be remixed by anyone into any playlist. The vlogger will receive payment for every clip used. We are investigating a closed library model for corporate use.

Download the app, go through the walk through and then point and shoot. The app works like popular social media video story apps, with a press and go button to pause the recording. Make sure you reach 10 seconds, then caption and upload to publish.

Vloggi is a modular video platform. Drag the Vloggi you like onto the create playlist box to start a new playlist. Then give it a title, add more and rearrange. Once you're happy, press publish to finalise the video. Then embed in your blog.

Absolutely. You can shoot Vloggis as you travel on anything. All the Vloggis go into our library for resale and Vloggers will receive royalties every time they are resold.

At the moment the app is only available in Apple iOs. There will be an Android version coming soon.

In the meantime, those with Android devices can upload your video files here and start earning money from the videos already on their phone.

Yes. Vloggi can act as another sales channel if you already have a video blog. Use our video uploader tool to get your existing video files into our system and simply add a caption and location. Only upload your own work.

No, you won't need to worry about editing. Our app captures, edits and captions the entire Vloggi. Our proprietay video assembly tool then merges together your Vloggis to make longer video files with no editing required. Head to the Vloggis page to start exploring the microvlog library to create your own video story.

Individual Vloggis are displayed either individually or assembled with others Vloggis into playlists.

Customers can upload their own template that includes

Yes. Each Vloggi is available free of charge to embed in social media and other websites. You are free to reuse the captioned Vloggi wherever you chose. Use the embed code provided on the Vloggi website alongside each Vloggi to easily add to your site.

The vlogger owns the copyright on the footage shot for Vloggi, which we license on their behalf. Vloggi owns the copyright on the captioned Vloggi, which was created using its app.

Yes. If you wish to terminate your agreement with us, you may withdraw your Vloggis from sale. You will receive the original footage files. However, any Vloggis that have been licensed for resale will be available to the customer for the duration of the licence.

You do not generally need permission to film people in public places, so long as they are not the subject of the film. This reportage rule varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, but most countries allow for fair representation of public places. We will be working on a model release form integrated into the app for those people who are clearly identified.

When responding to paid assignments property rights are granted by the client. In other instances, we will seek property rights and/or brand rights before resale.

Not really. We celebrate the experiences we enjoy when we travel. Anything is possible so long as the content is legal in jurisdictions where we operate. We will delete anything that is against community guidelines of acceptable content.

Vloggi is a registered trademark of Ciné Souk Pty Ltd, a Sydney-based video technology company founded by Justin Wastnage, a former travel journalist and tourism executive. Vloggi is driven by the passion for video travel storytelling and a desire to pay content creators fairly for their work.

Vloggi operates as a dynamic stock video library. We market and sell video content created using our app and tools and collect a commission. This is always less than 50 percent of the total collected.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about Vloggi's app or the service. You may contact us as follows: