Vloggi licensing terms

Stock video download terms

Share licence

Vloggis shared from our site on social media are covered by a fair use licence that assumes personal usage.
Licences are attached to any file downloaded and are dependent on the resolution of file downloaded. All downloads are subject to these terms of service.

Vloggi library pricing

Pay only for what you use, in the quality you need
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Animated GIF

  • • Optimised Animated GIF
  • • Vloggi branding / captions
  • • Perfect for messaging apps
  • • Creative Commons licence

Web video
1 credits/10sec

  • • 480p web video (MP4)
  • • Your branding / captions
  • • Perfect for social media
  • • Editorial use licence

HD video
2 credits/10sec

  • • 720p HD video (MP4)
  • • Your branding / captions
  • • Perfect for video streaming
  • • Royality free licence

10 credits/10sec

  • • 720p HD video (MP4)
  • • No branding elements
  • • Perfect for professional edit
  • • Commercial licence

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Terms of service:

Through this licence, Vloggi Pty Ltd incorporated in Sydney, NSW, Australia grants each user of the service a worldwide, non-exclusive, non-sublicensable and non-transferable license to use the Vloggi video content solely for purposes of using the services. Use, reproduction, modification, distribution or storage of any content for other than purposes of using the services is expressly prohibited without prior written permission from us. Only the Clean Footage class of licence permits users to sell, sublicense, rent, or otherwise use or exploit Vloggi content for commercial profit. Vloggis cannot be used in any way that violates any third party rights or these terms of Service. To download and reuse Vloggis, licences are required and granted under the following terms and conditions.


  • A Vloggi is a 10-second, self contained video program consisting video, captions and location data.
  • A Vloggi Playlist is a montage created by Vloggi comprising multiple Vloggis
  • Footage is the audiovisual component of the Vloggi created using the Vloggi platform. Footage is available for download independent of the caption

On-demand stock video

Through the Vloggi platform, you can browse existing content and create dynamic playlists of content. You also have the ability to crowdsource Vloggi using projects where content is missing. This ensures your campaigns are more distinctive in content and style and the you license only the Vloggis you require.

Copyright surrounding Vloggis and footage

The copyright on Vloggis, playlists and merged footage is shared between the content creator (the “Vlogger”) and Vloggi Pty Ltd (“Us”).

Licensing Vloggis and playlists from Us

When you buy Vloggis, playlists or footage from us, you are licensing the right to use it in your projects in the ways described below. We pass on royalty fees to the Vlogger for every licence. We use video tracking software to monitor subsequent usage.

Vloggers are free to use their own Vloggis on their own social media channels under the single use licence.

Single use licence

Vloggis are available for single use download for use on social media channels for a single event. The download link is only available for 24 hours and content must be posted within this timeframe. If you require permanent access to the file, please purchase an unlimited licence.

Web video licence

Vloggis, playlists and footage are available for licensed use for single organisations. The download permits individuals within the same organisation only to download and use the files for a limited time period.

HD video licence

With an HD licence, the Vloggis and playlists created by you become royalty-free for subsequent use. This allows the Vloggis to be used for an unlimited number of editorial projects connected to your organisation for an unlimited duration. You may also pass on the files to third parties connected to your organisation (for example, media).

Clean footage

For large commercial entities and video production companies seeking to edit the Vloggis or playlists into new pieces of content, a Sell (commercial licence) must be acquired. This is relevant to any organisation or individual with an average or predicted audience greater than one million people, unless this condition is explicitly waived by us.


The aim of Vloggi is to create a dynamic video library of user-generated travel and lifestyle video content. It is not usually necessary to remove a clip from the library. When you license a Vloggi, you may view its usage history, allowing you to ensure your Vloggi is being used in an original or unique context. However, exclusive rights are also available, whereby we remove the clip or photo from our collection. This is available by negotiation.

Editorial use guidelines

Vloggis are considered to be public domain content. Some Vloggis incidentally depict recognisable faces, property or third party trademarks in an editorial context. At present we do not request model releases or property releases for the Vloggis. This means Vloggis are marked for editorial use only. If you are the owner of a property featured or a recognisable face and want to use the Vloggi for commercial purposes, you may provide a property or model release to us by contacting us.

Vloggis cleared for editorial use may still be used in many commercial settings subject to the policies and guidelines of each individual organisation. Generally, editorial use video content can be used for online use, journalistic videos, short films for non-commercial entities, websites and digital media.

Those seeking to use the content for large commercial organisations or for profit in uses such as video games, software applications or designs, publications, and websites for commercial use should seek appropriate licences.