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MEDIA RELEASE – Vloggi announces major platform revamp, including team collaboration and monthly subscriptions

User-generated video startup Vloggi launches team collaboration in major platform revamp with mission to take crowdsourced video to the masses

  • Create video projects to source video clips from anywhere and anyone
  • Build teams to co-produce video content to your brief
  • Design custom video templates for each of your brands or campaigns
  • New low cost subscriptions with free tier for smaller marketing teams
  • Never edit again with Vloggi’s drag-and-drop video maker
  • New Upload tool to source clips from any device

SYDNEY, Thursday October 3, 2019 – Video content marketing startup Vloggi has today announced a significant revamp of its platform, making it even easier for marketers and individuals with no video experience to design, shoot and assemble authentic and professional-looking video campaigns.

Among the key new features is the ability to easily

and to crowdsource video contributions from your teams, no matter where in the world they are located. Vloggi has replaced its paid assignments with a more flexible freeform incentive feature that allows teams to set their own prize for video contributions.

Vloggi founder and CEO Justin Wastnage explained the change:

“We found that for many people using our platform, monetary reward was not the prime motivator. For example, small businesses preferred to give away complementary product to incentivise their customers and community groups have their own mechanisms to engage audiences.

“Where Vloggi comes in is providing a platform that easily consolidates video clips contributed by multiple people in multiple locations from multiple perspectives. We eliminate the need for film crew costs by turning a brand’s fans into its filmmakers. Our system ensures all the clips come in in a consistent format, empowering marketers to create effective video stories at scale”

7Platform users are also now able to build their own campaign video templates, eliminating the need to hire video editors for post-production. Set the template once and then every video outputted has the same look and feel. Additionally, Vloggi has made a number of professionally designed video templates available for customers to use.

Vloggi has also introduced an automatic compilation picker that selects the six best contributions into a team project and produces a 60-second highlight video. “This feature works in tandem with the drag-and-drop video assembler to ensure that marketers never have to edit video again. Instead, let the algorithm make the choice.

“The editing process is automated, leaving brands to focus on engaging and activating their audiences to create and contribute the video content,” said Wastnage.

Vloggi’s pricing structure has been overhauled too, with the platform now boasting a more affordable and practical subscription model, including a new free entry-level tier to help smaller and teams gets started producing brand video stories at scale. Pricing is tiered for small and medium sized businesses to pay for the service monthly or annually.

“We found that many small businesses were priced out of even the lowest cost traditional video production, so we automated and passed the savings onto customers,” explains Wastnage

“The updates to Vloggi announced today are the culmination of extensive testing and listening to our existing subscribers about the best ways to enable fast, effective and affordable video content production,” said Wastnage.

As video production becomes the next crucible in content creation for marketers, Vloggi is the only platform that offers marketing teams, large or small, the ability to create organic user-generated video content at scale across multiple remote locations.

“We’re now seeing an exponential increase in the number of subscribers to Vloggi, which tells us we’ve nailed the sweet spot in terms of how to help anyone crowdsource video content from anywhere in the world where people have smartphones,” Wastnage added.

After being an Apple iOS app only, Vloggi is now also available to Android user via a mobile responsive website that allows anyone to upload video from their phone library.

Other important new features include:

  • Automated video watermark tool to convert logos to on-screen identity
  • Automated caption embedding without editing software for social media
  • Automatic display of shoot location and placename for every clip
  • Choice of multiple transitions between clips, such as fade, dissolve, without editing software
  • Automatic creation of end-credit screen with contributors’ names and a business calls-to-action

The updates announced today come as Vloggi nears the official launch of the platform in early 2020.

“We are ending the beta phase, where we have taken feedback from hundreds of users to refine the product. We have thousands of vloggers making content all over the world, from as far as the South Shetland Islands in Antarctica to Libreville in Gabon. We had to prove that our content management system could reliably and consistently gather video clips from very remote areas using our proprietary ingestion and compression software to reduce phone data usage.”

About Vloggi 

Founded in 2018, Sydney tech startup Vloggi is the world’s first collaborative video production platform using AI to process, sort and annotate user-generated video for use by businesses and social groups. It is a registered trademark of parent company, tech investment vehicle Ciné Souk, founded in 2017.

The company was founded by Justin Wastnage, a former director of the Tourism & Transport Forum, and founder of the Flight TV aviation video channel. Wastnage started his career with interactive digital television pioneer Static 2358 (later PlayJam) before creating video content for Microsoft. The company also includes lead developer Tim Revell, who holds the patent for the first video streaming service over mobile telephones.

Vloggi employs six staff, and is based out of the Fishburners coworking space within the Sydney Startup Hub (SSH).


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