User-Generated Video Campaigns Made Easy

Go beyond video testimonials. Turn customers into filmmakers.

Leverage your ambassadors as the voice of your brand. Receive fully branded video content from real customers

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What Is User-Generated Video?

User-generated videos are videos that are created by the people who use the product or service and who have an opinion about the product, and want to share it with others.

User-generated videos can be created on any device, by anyone. They are an excellent way to increase brand awareness and build customer loyalty.

Why user-generated video?

Connect with superfans

User-generated video campaigns provide you content produced by your highest value customers

Boost video search results

Video content that resonates with your audience increases your site’s relevance to search engines

Gain insight into your tribes

User-generated video campaigns is like a two-way conversation with your product’s core users​

Nothing Is More Powerful Than Customer Videos

Customer advocacy videos are the most powerful tool for product marketing. Video has four times the recall of images and user-generated content has up to seven times the conversion power of paid creative.


84% of millennials say user-generated video has an influence on what they buy

7 in 10 consumers want to see people like them reviewing or using products before purchase
Two thirds of consumers trust user-generated video more than professional content
Referrals from existing customers are the most trusted form of social proof

User Generated Video Benefits At A Glance

Invite your colleagues, customers, community or target audience to contribute clips that you merge together to create snackable videos in seconds


Instant compilations

Combine multiple perspectives of your product in a single Vloggi compilation video


Highly targeted video content

Hit your lucrative niches by publishing video content made by them and for them


On-brand videos at scale

Create large volumes of branded social media videos with your custom video template


Multiple format sizes

Output your finished videos in all social media formats, ratios and resolutions

Turn user-generated video into compelling content that drives customer engagement

Whether you are crowdsourcing video for brand marketing, community engagement running a giveaway for social media, our team of experienced marketing professionals can work with you to define the best audience engagement video campaign.

Start collecting user-generated video in three easy steps


1. Build your landing page

Customize your upload landing page and ask custom questions


2. Share your magic link

Invite your community to upload anywhere, any time


3. Grow your video library

Manage your video content and merge the best clips into stories

Need inspiration? Watch what others have done

Eastern Suburbs Mums

This popular Sydney Facebook group crowdsources playground reviews from its 'Mummy Vloggers' using Vloggi


This startup community, with bases in China and Australia, uses Vloggi to bring remote members into its pitching nights

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