Vloggi has super flexible pricing plans for every size of business

Whether you’re a not-for-profit, an agency or a multinational, Vloggi has the right plan to help you start and grow your user-generated video library. Our tiered plans are based around the number of videos you collect from your customers, colleagues or community. All plans include customizable upload landing pages, cloud storage, video templates and much more.

Custom plans for enterprise

Are you looking for a unique plan to fit your company’s size, budget or location?

We offer volume-based enterprise pricing from as low as $2/video on volumes above 1,000 video submissions

See below for common add-ons or contact us to request a custom build quote


We can offer full customization of the crowdsourcing video process into your organization’s workflows, across multiple locations, teams and users.


Vloggi makes it easy for agencies to efficiently offer video collection and production as a value-added, ongoing service to your clients. Plus you earn!

Affiliates / resellers

Sign up to our B2B SAAS affiliate marketing or reseller program today and start making commissions on every subscription you refer to us.

What our customers say

Customers with passionate communities all trust Vloggi for their user-generated video campaigns

Sit Back And Watch Your Video Library Grow

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*Start on the Community Tier See pricing


As you go further with Vloggi, a custom plan will include various add-ons that are tiered to your business needs. These include the following items:

Additional contributor video storage

Add on blocks of 1,000 additional user-generated clips in your library

Video templates

Let our designers build your video template featuring lower thirds and data-led Smart Fields

Custom workflows

from $3000
For multiple question video forms, Vloggi developers code your bespoke workflow

Platform fee

from $2000
Vloggi is designed as a self-service platform, but we also offer custom project set-up for a small fee

Advanced analytics

from $500
Add sentiment analysis, object detection, audio signature analytics and more with our custom AI integrations

Custom URLs

from $299
replace upload.vloggi URL with your custom domain

API Integration

Integrate your existing feedback and marketing software into the Vloggi platform

External storage

Push all moderated video submissions back into your own cloud storage

Full subscription plan comparison

Vloggi is a subscription video collection software that has tiers suited to every size of business, from micro to enterprise and everything in-between.
Features Collector Community Corporate
Video submissions
Video resolution
1080p HD
1080p HD
Re-use permissions
Remove Vloggi branding
Branded landing pages
Raw source files
Video compilation (stories)
Team voting
Bulk download

No-Risk Free Trial Period

With over fives years’ Experience of stakeholder video campaigns, Vloggi is the ultimate leader in user-generated video campaigns. We know how to get the most out of your contributors, be they customers, colleagues or community.
Book a success call with one of our team to go through your campaign. If You do not receive 250 video submissions in your first year, you can claim a 100% refund*.

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