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Forget re-purposing worries and access multi-brand discounts by joining the Vloggi Agency Partnership Program. Boost your clients’ return on ad spend, reduce staffing costs, and create unique customer video content for your clients at massive scale.
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We love making agencies look good

At Vloggi, we understand the impact and value of authentic customer videos in today’s fast-paced digital landscape. That’s why we have created a one-of-a-kind B2B software platform that empowers your agency to collect, curate, and repurpose user-generated videos on behalf of your clients at an unprecedented scale.

Partner with Vloggi to streamline your video content production and elevate your clients’ marketing campaigns to new heights. We’ll give you multi-brand discounts as well as referral fees, meaning you increase your campaign profits.

How we work with agencies

Let’s not beat around the bush. We need you to execute awesome user-generated video campaigns for your clients. Our job is to keep the tech working for you so that you look good to your clients and bring more campaigns to the Vloggi platform.

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Campaign support

As a Vloggi partner agency, you know your client’s needs best. But our team of seasoned user-generated marketing experts are on hand to give you advice that you can pass on as your own.
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Growth bonuses

As your agency grows and advances to the next tier of the program, you receive growth bonuses in the form of rebates credits, so you have plenty of reasons to keep growing.
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Onboarding discounts

As a Vloggi partner agency, you get discounts for every additional client you onboard. Whether you chose to pass this saving on to your client is up to you!

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Agency partnership tiers

The Vloggi Agency Partnership tiers are designed to encourage multiple accounts. The more clients you bring on board, the greater discount, plus reseller commission, plus bonus upon initial sign-up.
NB: All figures represent an annual subscription signed up to in your client’s name. For multiple clients, unique Vloggi accounts will be required (for content ownership reasons).
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Why collect videos for your clients to use?

Unlock user-generated videos to deliver more powerful results for your clients.

Social proof – User-generated video is one of the most trusted forms of content.

Authentic – Authenticity in your video is essential for building trust for your clients

Engaging – Create a high-quality video that engages your potential customer

ROI – Professional video production is expensive. UGC can be up to 15X lower cost, sometimes even free

Video content collaboration

Hundreds of Vloggi partner agencies run successful UCG marketing for their clients including:

  • Video contests
  • Product feedback videos
  • Video testimonials
  • Video reviews
  • B-roll video libraries

Use cases

How agencies use Vloggi to collect video for their clients’ content marketing

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Collecting video from customers

Vloggi is ideal for collecting video testimonials, reviews and product feedback from passionate brand advocates for marketing campaigns
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Collecting video from communities

Many advocacy organisations use Vloggi to collect the voices of their grassroots supporters for use in community engagement campaigns
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Collecting video from colleagues

Large businesses use Vloggi for internal communications campaigns, harnessing video clips uploaded from remote teams

What type of agencies do we work with?

Our best fit agencies are those that need a lot of UGC videos and FAST. We have marketing agencies, advertising agencies, advocacy agencies and SEO agencies using Vloggi to collect, moderate and publish HD videos for their clients.

How to collect customer videos with Vloggi

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1. Build your landing page

Customize your upload landing page and ask custom questions

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2. Share your magic link

Invite your community to upload anywhere, any time

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3. Grow your video library

Manage your video content and merge the best clips into stories

Some of our Agency Partners

What do you get as a partner?

Here are some more details on how the Vloggi Agency Program works:

  • Bulk client discount opportunities
  • Referral commission
  • Dashboard to manage your clients’ projects
  • Premium agency support and account manager
  • Sandbox account
  • Exclusive access to platform roadmap, updates and even beta releases
  • Cross promotion visibility and agency directory listing
  • Agency training+ sales and marketing material to improve your UGC campaigns

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