Case Study: Eastern Suburbs Mums

How a Facebook mums group increased content engagement by 4x in a month, using its community
7500 video views
in one week
400% increase
video views
20 episodes


Client: Eastern Suburbs Mums
Project: Playground Reviews

Type: Community video content
Summary: Eastern Suburbs Mums is a popular Facebook page for mothers in Eastern Sydney. It activated its readers to contribute videos of playground and local attractions that are stitched together into video stories.

An Online Community Of Parents In The Eastern Suburbs Of Sydney

Eastern Suburbs Mums is an online community of hard-working, but also fun-loving mothers living in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs. With over 20,000 members, the group discusses everything from safe places to play, kid-friendly cafes and restaurants, to facts about school and day-care facilities. The group’s website and directory lists hundreds of local attractions, businesses and events.

The Challenge - Responding To Facebook SEO Promoting Video Content

The group needed to respond to changes in Facebook's algorithm that prioritised video content over text and image posts. Video content has superior search engine optimization (SEO) for inline community groups, but video is expensive to produce. Natalie Hudson, part-time admin, full-time marketer and mum to two kids, had little time and no editing tools to create videos for the group.

The Solution - Crowdsource UGC Video Clips From The Community And Combine

As the admin, Natalie had a vision of a Facebook series called ‘Playground reviews’ in which group members could contribute reviews of local parks. The group used Vloggi  to source reviews of playgrounds and all videos could be co-branded with local suppliers, venues and attractions, helping generate revenue. The group coined the phrase 'Mummy Vlogger' for the mothers in the group woudl would contribute video clips as their children played in local parks or ate at local cafés. The vloggers would follow simple video upload forms in Vloggi and contribute footage according to the workflow pre-set by the Facebook group's admin

The Result - A 4x Increase In Community Video Views In A Single Post

Within a few weeks, the group had submitted enough clips to create the first four episodes of Playground Reviews, each filmed by a mum. A video on the Inglis Park super slide received almost 7,500 views in a single week, 4 times the number of views of the group’s next best-performing video.

The Facebook group also went on to acquire a key corporate sponsor for the series, allowing them to offer greaster incentives to the mummy vloggers to contribute footage. As the series grew, the Eastern Suburbs Mums YouTube and Instagram channels also repurposed the video content.
“We’re talking about some of the busiest Mums in Australia, many of whom are trying to juggle motherhood with professional careers as well. So we were looking for a tool that enabled them to use video they've already shot of their kids at play.”
Natalie Hudson
Eastern Suburbs Mums

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