Case Study: MYOB's asynchronous video meeting hackathon

How the business software giant MYOB added asynchronous video messaging into its team meetings
100% participation
among sales team
12-min compilation
replaced 6-hour Zoom
Reduced stress
prerecording video


Client: MYOB
Project: Sales team ideation hackathon
Type: Internal communications
Summary: The accounting giant added asynchronous video messaging to its planning day. The management collected video messages as an alternative to video conferencing throughout the day.

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MYOB is a leading business management platform that helps businesses in Australia and New Zealand start, survive and succeed. MYOB delivers end-to-end business management tools, payments and lending, as well as accounting solutions for SMEs and the enterprise mid-market

The Challenge

Like all businesses, MYOB regularly takes feedback from staff members about developing new products and services. In 2021, with the lockdowns of COVID still preventing a return to physical meeting, MYOB convened an all-day hackathon to solicit new ideas from its small business sales team. The company wanted alternatives to video conferencing and looked at asynchronous video messaging platforms to collect, format and caption video submissions from team members. 

The Solution

The software company used Vloggi to collect asynchronous video messages from team members in the small business division. One upload link was distributed prior to the event for team members to contribute problem statements. Then after the team building sessions, each of the 14 teams had to record a 60-second elevator pitch and upload to judges. The videos were automatically captioned with the team number, contributor name and other metadata. 

The Result

MYOB saw the benefits of asynchronous video messages as being able to blend in with video conferencing to add a dynamic element. The teams were able to practice their pitches, record at their leisure and upload via an easy link. Asynchronous video meetings are known to help ease Zoom fatigue by replacing specific timed interactions with prerecorded video, giving staff more flexibility over when and where they record their contribution. Asynchronous video platforms like Vloggi also save management time. MYOB was able to create compilation videos of the elevator pitches as a summary for management, without them having to attend the entire day. The company also saved money on videographers, as all the content produced was pre-styled with MYOB colors, fonts and logo.
" We were a fully remote team and Vloggi effectively replaced the process of recording video conferencing by allowing our team to submit clips at their leisure "
Mike Sager
GM Operations & Enablement, MYOB

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