Media Coverage

Vloggi’s user-generated video platform has featured in the media both nationally and internationally. Here’s a selection.

Election campaigning in most developed countries is already deeply enmeshed with digital marketing techniques. Vloggi is looking to take digital election campaigning a step further with large scale video messaging of voter views tipped to be the next big thing in digital political campaigns.


20 February 2022

With high-profile politicians, pressure groups and industry associations jumping on to mobilise grassroots supporters, some predict video advocacy will be the biggest trend in political campaigning this year.


21 February 2022

Crowdsourced video platform has launched a new third-party app on the Semrush App Centre. The new app will act as a lightweight version of the Vloggi platform. Vloggi becomes the first Australian technology company to be featured on the Semrush platform, which is the world’s largest digital marketing app store and is strictly invite-only


14 February 2022

Sydney-based tech startup Vloggi, a leading first collaborative video production platform using AI to process, sort and annotate user-generated video for use by businesses and social groups partners with London-based user-generated content management platform SnapSea to jointly market, promote and develop content technology.


27 January 2022

Vloggi is a video messaging platform that makes it very easy for businesses or any organization to collect video messages at large scale. They allow them to catalogue, categorize then combine the videos to be used for the future.


24 January 2022

Nick Bonyhady talks to key Australian startups raising money and discusses valuation, access to capital and why $1 billion is no longer the benchmark of a unicorn.


14 January 2022

Company looking to raise A$3 million in two tranches, following successful completion of pre-seed round raising A$750,000. Vloggi hit A$10,000 month recurring revenue target six months after launch.


5 January 2022

Vloggi, a video messaging enhancement platform from Sydney, Australia, has entered into a strategic partnership with Snapsea, a user-generated content management platform based in London, United Kingdom.


16 December 2021

Sydney-based asynchronous video messaging scale-up Vloggi, has opened its $3 million seed capital raise to international investors to align with its rapidly growing global customer base


29 November 2021

Simon Thomsen interviews Justin Wastnage, founder of asynchronous video platform Vloggi on the expansion of the company’s seed raise internationally and the hitting of revenue milestones.


28 November 2021

This episode explores the practicalities of creating a startup in Australia – what the funding structures look like, the ecosystem and overall support with our guest, Justin Wastnage.


14 October 2021

Boasting customers like MYOB, JAX Tyres and Auto, Jucy rental vans, the NSW Government, the University of Technology Sydney and Hamilton the Musical, Vloggi is a crowdsource video platform that allows the creation of professional looking community video at scale.


2 October 2021

InsideCharity looks at some of the best video marketing ideas for non-profits to boost their benefactor engagement and donations. In this article we give you seven ideas to collect videos from your supporters and look at Vloggi. 


1 October 2021

Nikki Stefanoff asked the founders of three Australian startups – Vloggi, Bubble Tea Club and Healthmatch – what they’d learnt about keeping business moving over the last 18 months.

17 September 2021

This article showcases our top picks for the best Australia based Content Marketing companies. These startups and companies are taking a variety of approaches to innovating the Content Marketing industry, but are all exceptional companies well worth a follow. 


24 August 2021

The Australian Federation of Travel Agents is throwing its weight behind a social media initiative to encourage Australians to get vaccinated, by recording video messages on the Vloggi platform for use in advocacy.


9 August 2021

Sarah Gerathy looks at the return to home schooling in NSW as the Delta wave of Coronavirus hits. She talks to tech entrepreneur Justin Wastnage, founder of video platform Vloggi, about juggling parenting with chasing investors.



7 July 2021

Sage Kavita Godrei talks to Justin Wastnage, Founder of Vloggi. In today’s show we will share insights about creating an innovative video production platform which combines smart video uploads with cloud-based automation that allows businesses to manipulate and license its content


23 June 2021

Kossi Adzo talked to Justin Wastnage of Vloggi on how COVID changed user-generated video market and how his company almost rebranded as CoVid, short for collaborative video. 


2 April 2021

Stephanie Palmer-Derrien recaps the week’s biggest news in Australian start-up funding successes, including Batch Brewing, Vloggi and StartMate.


1 April 2021

Simon Thomsen interviews Vloggi founder Justin Wastnage on the company’s recent completion of a pre-seed round that values the company at A$3.3 million. Watch from 09:00. 

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31 March 2021

Vloggi’s pre-seed raise closure follows a strong 2020 during which the video testimonial specialist onboarded several significant new customers and rebuilt the video platform.


31 March 2021

Sydney-based video startup Vloggi has added a second portion of $500,000 to its pre-seed capital raise, valuing the company at $3.3 million.


30 March 2021

Sydney-based video scale-up Vloggi announced on Friday that it had appointed two new strategic team members to help drive its renewed growth strategy for 2021.


19 February 2021

SmartCompany profile on Vloggi

While COVID-19 has put an end to startup and networking events as we once knew them, the rise of virtual alternatives may lead to unexpected positives for startups, as international investors ….


9 September 2020

Strategic partnerships

This episode features Ben Chong, Hai Tran, Elicia McDonald, Sam Jockel, Justin Wastnage, Michael Tan and Anshul Jain and Matthew Stead.


14 July 2020

Eastside FM Forever French with Justin Wastnage

Radio interview from Sydney’s Eastside FM with Justin Wastnage from Vloggi, discussing how community video platforms make crowdsourcing accessible for even the smallest group


24 June 2020

Vloggi multiscreen of data rich video clips

I came, I saw, I vlogged. 

Perhaps the motto of the millennial traveller.

Video is now the preferred medium for many types of communication. Smartphones with great cameras…


5 March 2020

Vloggi team meeting February 2019

Video content marketing platform Vloggi announced the first milestone in its pre-seed raise ahead of the platform’s official launch later this year.


5 March 2020

Business Acumen article on Vloggi SME videos

How can a non-profit group or business make a cheap video? The answer lies in team work and crowdsourcing. Sydney tech start-up Vloggi has developed the solution with a platform that allows marketers with no filming skills or experience to crowdsource video campaigns anywhere in the world.


2 December 2019

Vloggi blog post images 2

Leon Gettler interviews Justin Wastnage, founder of online video tool Vloggi on how small businesses should be using vlogging in their marketing next year – 2020.


29 November 2019

Richard Savoie Justin Wastnage and Tal Rapke finalists for Pitch for 1m on stage

Vloggi was joined on the podium by AI-logistics company Adiona and medication management platform ScalaMed, having beaten 40 shortlisted …


27 November 2019

Marketing team using Vloggi Studio v2.5
Crowdsourced video marketing start-up Vloggi has revamped its platform to make for those with no video experience to design, shoot and …

14 October 2019


Sydney video content creation startup Vloggi has secured $250,000 in angel
investment, in a deal that founder  …


6 May 2019

Vloggi team outside filming on phones 1
Vloggi is the world’s first collaborative video production platform that uses artificial intelligence to process, sort and annotate user-generated video …

2 May 2019

Meet the startup Justin wastnage from Vloggi BHive

Vloggi is an easy and affordable way for organisations to source, brand and license video generated by their stakeholders …


15 June 2018