Create And Manage Video Contests With Vloggi

With Vloggi, you can easily set up and manage video contests that will help gather thousands of user-generated video clips from your customers. 

Create a captivating landing page, add enticing incentives, set a deadline, and easily accept videos in any format. 

Invite team members and others to vote for the best entries through a convenient poll to create content shortlists..

Run A Video Contest And Build A UGC Video Library

Creating your own video contests can be problematic for even the most experienced marketer. Creating landing pages, collecting video content and tracking the performance of the campaign are lengthy and expensive. Vloggi removes these issues by offering a one-stop-shop for sourcing, managing and publishing your video contest.

Create A Video Contest In Under 60 Seconds

Sourcing video clips from your customers is easy. Start by launching a new crowdsourcing project using a video contest template in Vloggi.
Customize a video submission landing page, add prizes to incentivize uploads
Once you’re done, simply send out the custom link to start accepting entries the very same day!

Features To Make Video Contests Painless

Vloggi has a range of features to make your video contest as easy as running a survey

Mobile-Friendly Landing Pages

Fully-customizable landing pages designed for mobile phones, so your customers can upload contest entries straight from their device.


Voting Pages

At the end of the contest put your UGC video content to the vote, with team voting and external collaborators


Terms & Conditions

Add your own terms & conditions to ensure that your contest complies with rules in your jurisdiction. Also for contests including minors.


Shortlists And Favorites

Easily make shortlists of the best content by using the favorite button in your video library of contest entries.


Custom URLs And QR Codes

Every video contest comes with its unique URL and QR code that can be shared on any platform or collateral you use to communicate.


Embeddable Widget And CTA

Embed the Vloggi uploader widget directly on your own site, ensuring no leakage from your customer journey. Also redirect back to your site after upload.


Manage Video Contests Easily With Voting, Tagging And Favorites

Managing your video content in Vloggi could not be easier. The integrated content management system includes your branding elements. Meaning you can produce instant on-brand video compilations in seconds

Why Run A Video Contest?


Start your first video contest in three easy steps


1. Build your landing page

Customize your upload landing page and ask custom questions


2. Share your magic link

Invite your community to upload anywhere, any time


3. Grow your video library

Manage your video content and merge the best clips into stories

JAX Tyres & Autos

This large Australian automotive network uses Vloggi to power its lead generation into new niche markets via video contests.


One of the largest camper van brands runs an always-on video contest to keep its UGC video library fresh.

Start an online video contest today!