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Vloggi makes collecting, curating and compiling user-generated video submissions at scale easy.
Build a library of rights-cleared authentic video shot by your customers, community or colleagues.

Vloggi is a video submission management platform

Vloggi is the video submission management software used by over 4000 organizations around the world

Everything you need to collect, curate and compile user-generated video submissions

Collect user generated video submissions with Vloggi

Vloggi makes it easy for businesses to collect user-generated video at scale with intuitive video upload forms and questionnaires with no app or sign-in required. Accept videos in any format, size or orientation.

Categorize your user generated video with Vloggi

Vloggi makes it easy for businesses to manage your video submissions in our secure, cloud-based content management system with smart folders, tags, shortlists voting panels and team collaboration tools.

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Vloggi makes it easy for businesses to re-purpose video submissions. All clips have full re-use permissions and our automated post-production creates fully-branded professional montages in seconds.

How to get started collecting user-generated videos with Vloggi

Collect videos from your customers

Collect videos from your customers

MIcro-influencer video
  • Build your video library 
  • Run a lead-gen video contest
  • Reward customers as content creators
  • Collect video testimonials
Collect videos from your colleagues

Collect videos from your colleagues

Employee-generated video
  • Video feedback forms
  • Video onsite reports
  • Remote team training videos
  • Build internal social media style content
Collect videos from your community

Collect videos from your community

Grassroots video campaigns
  • Nonprofit and advocacy campaign videos
  • Event video questions from activists and  supporters
  • Political endorsement videos
  • Video petitions and citizen feedback videos

How to collect user-generated video content.

Vloggi is a user-generated video submission platform used by organizations of many sizes and sectors to collect, curate and compile UGC video submissions from their stakeholders.

Vloggi lets you build your video library on autopilot

Businesses will need 500x more video in 2030 than they do today. Almost every document you produce will need to be a short form video within a decade. So where do you start? By building a library of authentic videos shot by your colleagues or customers.
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Start building your user-generated video library

With a risk-free 7-day free trial*

*Subscription to Community tier (250 video submissions). Cancel at any time. For full pricing options visit

Vloggi automates user-generated video for business

From reformatting to consent agreements and everything in between, Vloggi has over 45 killer features that allow you to put your corporate user-generated video on autopilot. Read more about our features here.

We reformat all video submissions for you

Vloggi’s blazingly fast video encoder reformats and enhances all video submissions you receive, leaving you with a standardised video library

We collect content re-use permissions for you

Vloggi’s integrated electronic content assignment form collects contributor name, IP address and permission to re-use. Customize your own project rules, terms & conditions and contributor remuneration.

We give you all the videos submissions to download

All the videos stored in your Vloggi library are yours to export either clean or pre-formatted with your logo and visual effects. You can also download the raw source files or make compilations.
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Some UGC video examples

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JUCYMOMENTS NZ in fjordland 1024x576 1 1

Automate your corporate video production

Want to go further than merely collecting video submissions? Explore our video automation tools.

Rules-based video work flows
with conditional logic

video content for ugc marketing platform Vloggi hero
Your logo transparent

Automate video post-production using dynamic master templates

Automatically produce fully-branded videos at scale using dynamic master templates that contain all your branding elements and placeholder fields. Produce finished videos in minutes.

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Start your 7-day free trial

The first step in automating video is to build a video library of user-generated clips.
Get started on our Community tier and collect your first 250 video submissions

Benefits of using video submission software

Re use permissions
Owned video assets
All the videos in your library have consent to re-use content assignments.
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Cloud video storage
All your video clips are safe and organized in your private cloud storage folders
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High quality video
All video clips in your library are upscaled and enhanced to full HD
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Direct video uploads
Contributors upload videos straight from their phone – no apps or login required
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Cost-effective video
User-generated video can be yours for free or a small prize, allowing video at scale
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Automated video production
Use dynamic templates to produce video stories effortlessly on autopilot

Add AI tools to analyze your video submissions

Access our machine learning plugins for speech-to-text, object recognition and sentiment analysis

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How to make UGC video for your business

Organizations use Vloggi to collect user-generated video to showcase their product or service
Let your customers do the talking for you. Boost conversions by showcasing video testimonials everywhere on your channels
Collect delegate questions, shout-outs or post-event feedback in video form for live or virtual events
If you want to honor someone in your workplace, what better way than to crowdsource video messages from colleagues?
Gather diverse voices of your community on video and make compilations of the best
Run an online video contest to gather authentic videos of your product in exchange for a prize
Capture instant reactions, thoughts, and opinions from your resident or citizens

Our pricing plans

Whether you’re a multinational or a startup, Vloggi has the right plan to help you start and grow your user-generated video library.

Our tiered plans are based around the number of videos you collect from your customers, colleagues or community.

All plans include customizable upload landing pages, cloud storage, video templates and much more.

Frequently asked questions

Read answers below to some commonly asked questions or head to FAQs

Vloggi is a video submission management platform. Our service includes user-generated video collection and compilation tools. This means that you can set up a landing page and get an automated link to share with your community, customers or colleagues.

Once the link is out there and promoted, people can then upload their videos and your branding is automatically added to them.

You can then compile these videos into a professional-looking video story with an intro and outro to be downloaded and shared on social media.

Ours is an integrated platform that also includes content management tools and automation flows. 

The demand for video is skyrocketing. Video consumption on social media has doubled in just two years. Millennials massively prefer short-form videos over reading for communication. So as they enter the workforce, Deloitte predicts a staggering 500-fold increase in business video creation over the next decade.

User-generated video is already dominant in social media. It combines a low cost of production, with high trust from viewers.

Corporate video is no longer confined to marketing. By 2030 some 75% of all business communication will be video, predicts Deloitte. This 500-fold increase on today is a transformative shift that needs automation.

Corporate user-generated video is the next frontier. Imagine YouTube-style instructional videos created by employees or employee video feedback forms.

Vloggi, a pioneer in corporate user-generated video, is here to make user-generated video professional, consistent and automated.

While user-generated videos have revolutionised social media, the corporate sector has been slow to adopt this approach due to the complexity of gathering, storing, analysing and compiling video inputs from potentially millions of customers or employees across numerous locations.

The barriers in the way of corporate adoption of user-generated video include:

  • gathering, storing, and analysing footage
  • obtaining consent and re-use permissions
  • managing diverse video formats
  • ensuring colour balance and audio normalisation
  • editing and applying graphics

To address these issues, we automate the entire video production process, reducing the human steps involved from 12 to just 3. 

There is no set limit. Due to 3G mobile phone networks’ packet limits in some parts of the world, we limit uploads to 140MB, which is roughly equivalent to 2 minutes of high definition, or one minute of 4K. As mobile phone networks improve in remote areas, we will progressively increase this limit. 


Yes! Vloggi is specially designed to accept any format, ratio and resolution of video and transform it into a standard 16:9 high definition file. You can download the raw files if they were shot in portrait, if on the corporate plan.


Instagram, TikTok and other social media platforms are all public and the content is owned by the parent company of those platforms. Vloggi is piece of software where you can gather footage for hundreds or thousands of individuals and then re-use either individually or in a montage.  All the video content is private to you, rather than publicly viewable. 


The plans relate to how many video submissions you expect to receive. We find that small businesses, the entry-level Collector is good to get started with your first 25 video submissions. For medium-sized businesses with a marketing team you will want to start with Community, our entry-level business plan, which allows you to collect up to 250 HD videos, add team members and add your branding to the landing page.  Larger companies take advantage of our Corporate plan to crowdsource up to 1000 video submissions across many multiple locations simultaneously, export reports and combine video clips into stories.  For enterprise-level partners, we work with them or Commercial tier to develop API integration to seamlessly produce automated video listings from their existing workflows.


Yes. Most businesses prefer the annual subscription, as their video library grows each month. Annual subscriptions allow you the ease of testing the system, setting up multiple campaigns and building Vloggi into your overall brand or business marketing strategies as a permanent video collection tool, all whilst removing the stress of running out of time. However, monthly subscriptions are also available, at a slightly higher cost.


The Vloggi platform formats every contributed clip with your branded video template. This includes smart fields like the contributor’s name, location and answers to your custom questions. By default, this fully formatted video clip is the one used to make compilations. But for paid plans, you can also download the user-generated video clips without graphical overlays. These are all standardised and optimised in a clean SD or HD video file.


No. That’s what makes Vloggi amazing to use, as IP rights are assigned at the time of upload.

By contributing to your project, your contributors acknowledge the transfer of their intellectual property rights to you for use in marketing. You can always add supplementary terms and conditions if your requirements go beyond the standard Vloggi terms.

Vloggi offers its video automation workflows via API to larger customers needing video at scale. Head to our API Integrate page for more information.

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