Why work with one video producer

When you can crowdsource hundreds of vloggers?

Vloggi is the world's simplest video blogging platform

Connecting travel vloggers to tourism bodies

Welcome to the future of video blogging

Vloggi® is a new way of sourcing collaborative user-generated video content

10 seconds is all you need

A Vloggi is a 10-second self-contained video blog

captioned and geo-tagged, perfect for social media

How to use Vloggi: Each 10-second Vloggi is an entry in a virtual video diary.

Assemble multiple Vloggis into a video blog automatically with no editing required.

Remix as often as you like into playlists, listicles or themed video content.

All the content is licensed, making re-use simple and efficient for vloggers and marketers.

Video blogging made easy

Who is Vloggi for?

Anyone who needs easy, quick and cost-effective video content

Vloggi is ideally suited to telling travel stories

Tourism bodies

Easily fill your destination's video library

Focus on niche activities, new product and key verticals


Easily turn your photo blog to a vlog

No editing required to create video blogs and social media


Create video listicles to illustrate travel articles online

Equip your own writers or crowdsource freelance vloggers

Vloggis are self-contained 10-second video blogs

    Need fresh, authentic video content?

    Create a Vloggi project and harness the power of the crowd

    How it works

    The Vloggi® video blogging app captures, captions and geotags short, shareable travel videos.

    Our unique content management system then stitches together video clips into themed short films, based on content, destination or viewer profiles.

    1. Crowdsource

    Anyone can start a Vloggi project to crowdsource video content

    2. Create

    Registered Vloggers create multiple 10-second clips in the project

    3. Curate

    Create a playlist using only the Vloggis you need for your project

    4. Campaign

    Use the content under licence either as footage or vlogs

    What the tourism industry says

    Learn more about crowdsourced video content