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Vloggi makes it easy to collect and manage video submissions at scale. Organizations that need video testimonials, video reviews, video market research or video messages can generate unique upload links for their audience to submit videos in any format and orientation. All videos have consent to re-use across communications channels. Our platform allows organizations to easily manage and manipulate the videos in their collection.

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There is no limit to how much commission you can earn using Vloggi’s affiliate marketing program. We offer a standard 20% recurring commission.

We will also give you a cash reward if your network signs up to an annual plan. The more people sign up to Vloggi’s annual paid plans using your personalized affiliate link, the more you earn*. See our pricing page for plans. 

As a sweetener to help you seal the deal, you can gift your clients a discount equivalent to one month’s subscription for every annual subscription they purchase.

Vloggi Plan Commission Annual plan bonus* Client annual discount

*When your clients sign up for the annual plan, they get one month free and you get one month rebate as a Vloggi affiliate marketer

How to start earning money with Vloggi

Get started as an affiliate in 4 easy steps


Step 1

Sign up as a promoter, request our assets

Step 2

Once approved, generate your unique link


Step 3

Promote your link on your marketing content


Step 4

Relax while you earn passive income

Use cases

How businesses use Vloggi to collect video submissions at scale


Collecting video from customers

Vloggi is ideal for collecting video testimonials, reviews and product feedback from passionate brand advocates for marketing campaigns

Collecting video from communities

Many advocacy organizations use Vloggi to collect the voices of their grassroots supporters for use in community engagement campaigns

Collecting video from colleagues

Large businesses use Vloggi for internal communications campaigns, harnessing video clips uploaded from remote teams

What types of campaigns can affiliates run?

There is no restriction to the type of marketing campaign you can run on our behalf. We have thousands of successful affiliates already running the following styles of campaigns.

The program in detail

Here are some more details on how the Vloggi affiliate program works:

Every time one of your followers, readers or clients clicks the link, they’ll receive a discount off a paid annual subscription of up to $400. When they sign up, we’ll send you your bonus via our affiliate partner, Reditus

  • When a new customer signs up for any annual paid Vloggi subscription using your personalized link, we will give them a discount and you will get a cash reward of amount noted above. In addition,  you will receive a percentage of the sale as listed above. 
  • No cash or discounts will be given until the Vloggi subscription is paid in full by your referred organization
  • When a new customer signs up for any monthly paid Vloggi subscription using your personalised link, we will track their monthly spend via FirstPromoter and award a percentage (listed above) to your earnings. 
  • Payment of cash reward and commissions is monthly with a minimum of US$50. Payment is via PayPal or Australian bank account.
  • You do not need to have a Vloggi account to refer your followers, readers or clients to us.

Using the Vloggi branding in your affiliate marketing

Here are some more details on how the Vloggi affiliate program works:

Full details on the brand guidelines can be found in the Vloggi 2021 brand guidelines – external fact sheet. This fact sheet covers the use of the Vloggi name, images and terms. 

Once enrolled in our program, you will have access to a stylesheet, logo, email copy, banners, videos, keywords lists and other creative assets to make your campaign a success.

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Who to contact for more information

Our marketing team would be happy to answer any further questions you may have.