Case Study: How a leading union harnessed grassroots supporter video in 10 languages

Discover how the SEIU leveraged grassroots supporter video submissions to advocate for immigrant justice, showcasing diverse voices through multilingual video surveys

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Vloggi enables grassroots video advocacy campaigns

Using the voice of its members in multilingual video surveys


Client: SEIU

Project: Global Café Voices on Immigrant Justice

Type: Grassroots video advocacy

Summary: SEIU, the Service Employees International Union, initiated a project to collect video testimonials from their members using Vloggi’s video survey platform. At a convention, SEIU deployed iPad kiosks equipped with Vloggi’s multilingual survey, enabling members to respond in their preferred language among the ten most common languages spoken by US service workers, including Spanish, French and Chinese.

SEIU video survey at convention

Working for a Just Society where all workers are valued and all people are respected

Why Grassroots Supporter Videos Should be part of your advocacy efforts

Video advocacy stands out in influencing decision-makers because it puts real people's voices and faces directly in front of policymakers. This direct emotional appeal is crucial in garnering empathy and understanding, pushing legislators towards meaningful action on pertinent issues affecting communities.

Enter Vloggi – the game-changer in video advocacy. Our platform makes it easy to collect, categorize and claim ownership of video content provided by your members for use in your advocacy.

The Challenge - How To Effectively Gather Videos from Grassroots Supporters in Languages other than English

With nearly 2 million members across diverse sectors, SEIU possessed a wealth of potential video footage crucial for fueling its advocacy campaigns.

However, the challenge lay in efficiently gathering these videos from a widely dispersed and linguistically diverse membership base.

Many members, particularly those from immigrant backgrounds, faced language barriers and needed a platform that would make them feel comfortable sharing their stories in their preferred language.

Additionally, ensuring privacy and maintaining control over the video content were paramount, requiring a solution outside of public social media platforms

The Solution - Multilingual Video Surveys deployed on iPad kiosks

SEIU partnered with Vloggi to develop a comprehensive solution to overcome these challenges. Together, they crafted a video survey centered on the topic of immigrant justice, incorporating four simple questions that resonated with SEIU's advocacy goals. The survey was translated into the ten most common languages spoken by service workers in the US and Canada, ensuring accessibility and inclusivity. At a convention, SEIU deployed iPads equipped with the Vloggi survey, facilitating member participation through an intuitive and user-friendly interface. SEIU staff actively engaged attendees, encouraging them to visit the video booth and record their responses on-site.

Post-convention, SEIU extended the reach of the project by mailing out the same video survey to its members. This approach allowed members who couldn't attend the convention to participate from the comfort of their homes or workplaces, further democratizing the advocacy process and ensuring a diverse array of voices were heard.

The Result - Over 300 video responses in 10 languages in just two days

The collaboration between SEIU and Vloggi yielded impressive results within a short timeframe. Over the course of two days, SEIU amassed more than 250 video submissions from members.

Spanish emerged as the predominant language other than English, reflecting the significant representation of workers from Central and South America within SEIU's membership. The videos captured not only personal narratives but also compelling testimonials that underscored the urgency of protecting immigrant families from deportation.

This initiative not only empowered SEIU members to share their stories effectively but also demonstrated the power of grassroots video advocacy in shaping legislative priorities and driving social change.

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