Harness Your Grassroots Support With Video Advocacy Campaigns

Amplify your organization’s voice and build powerful video digital campaigns with supporter-sourced video.

Join the ranks of opinion leaders who are redefining how they gather the voices of grassroots supporters, collect feedback, and mobilize for change.   Start collecting supporter-sourced video from your members and supporters with Vloggi today.

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Vloggi enables grassroots video advocacy campaigns

The Benefits Of Supporter-Sourced Video Advocacy

In today’s digital campaigns, authentic stakeholder video is crucial – and easy

In today’s digital age, almost everyone possesses a powerful tool for advocacy right in their pockets: a mobile phone.

With Vloggi, harnessing the persuasive power of video from grassroots supporters and individuals has never been easier.

Our platform simplifies the process, ensuring that anyone can effortlessly capture their experiences and voices, transforming their mobile phones into instruments of change. By making video collection accessible to all, we empower communities to amplify their stories and advocate for their causes effectively and efficiently.

Authentic Connection

Forge genuine connections with your supporters. Vloggi empowers you to capture authentic stories, endorsements, and testimonials from your community. These voices carry the authenticity that inspires trust, fostering a powerful sense of unity and commitment within your advocacy initiatives.

Stakeholder Engagement

Drive active engagement within your non-profit or advocacy campaigns. Vloggi's platform is designed to fuel real-time interaction, enabling your audience to endorse your cause, sign petitions, and share their stories. From dynamic video discussions to gathering critical support, Vloggi nurtures the conversations that matter.

Persuasive Storytelling

Harness the persuasive strength of compelling narratives with Vloggi. Co-create video content with your community members, leveraging the persuasive power of visual storytelling. Whether you're advocating for change, rallying support, or driving social initiatives, Vloggi provides the tools to inspire action through captivating content.

Grassroots Amplification

Tap into the grassroots movement with Vloggi. Our platform is purpose-built to empower your community, turning endorsements into powerful advocacy. This grassroots amplification lies at the heart of your non-profit and advocacy efforts, creating a dynamic force that resonates within the sector.

Nothing Is More Powerful Than A Video Library Of Your Supporters' Voices

At Vloggi, we’re dedicated to empowering individuals and organizations to advocate for their causes through the persuasive medium of video. 

Our user-friendly platform simplifies video gathering from any device, ensuring accessibility for all, regardless of technical expertise. 

We enable users to capture and curate their experiences, amplifying voices and sparking conversations. 

Our vision is to create a more inclusive, interconnected world, celebrating diversity and inspiring creativity through the art of visual storytelling.

Features Built For Video Advocacy

Easily gather supporter videos for advocacy

Create your first video advocacy campaign today

Examples of Video Advocacy Campaigns

Supporter-sourced video advocacy takes many forms, all fueled by the power of genuine voices.

Picture video petitions where individuals passionately advocate for change, expressing their demands with compelling visuals.

Then there’s video member feedback, where authentic testimonials shape an organization’s future.

National event-based non-profits can celebrate milestones and policy wins in video celebrations

How ever your organization uses Vloggi’s video submission platform in its advocacy, it’s the supporters who drive the message.

Collect video petitions with Vloggi's video advocacy tools
Video Petitions
Engage your supporters with powerful video petitions. Your supporters lending their face and voice to your cause – all with location captured.
Collect video surveys with Vloggi's video advocacy tools
Video Surveys
Replace surveys with video submissions to collect opinions and insights from a targeted group, replacing face-to-face interviews.
Celebrate milestones with video celebration messages as part of Vloggi's video advocacy tools
Video Celebrations
Harness the strength of your membership by marking milestones with co-created video content used to recognize and reward stakeholders.

How A Leading Union Harnessed Grassroots Supporter Video In 10 Languages

Discover how the SEIU leveraged grassroots supporter video submissions to advocate for immigrant justice, showcasing diverse voices through multilingual video surveys. The union deployed Vloggi on kiosks at a major conference.

Join these innovative NFP teams using Vloggi for advocacy videos

Vloggi is trusted by non-profit organizations who recognize the transformative power of video advocacy. 

Take your advocacy to the next level by adding supporter-sourced video submissions.

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Volunteer Engagement
Volunteer Engagement
Global charity Peace First gathers video testimonials from its volunteers in the field to communicate with donors
Stakeholder Feedback
Stakeholder Feedback
The New York State United Teachers gathers feedback in video form from its members ahead of negotiations.
Member Mobilization
Member Mobilization
The Australian Federation of Travel Agents used video testimonials from its members to secure a A$160 million industry bailout package.

The Benefits Of Vloggi UGC Video Collection


Amplify your supporters' voices

Your grassroots members care about your issue. Leverage their passion by empowering them to record their views

Unite people around your cause

Video campaigns go viral, as more of your community want to join in. It’s a snowball effect with your cause in the middle

Convince decision makers

Video convinces 8x better than policy papers or infographics. Post compilations online to reach decision-makers.

Start an authentic video advocacy campaign in three easy steps


1. Build your landing page

Customize your upload landing page and ask custom questions


2. Share your magic link

Invite your community to upload anywhere, any time


3. Grow your video library

Manage your video content and merge the best clips into stories

Anyone Can Contribute, From Anywhere, Any Time

Video resizer by Vloggi
Video tagging

Easy To Set Up And Manage​

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