User-Generated Video Platform Solutions For All Businesses

Whether you need regular episodic video created by your online community, or looking to run a local campaign for your small business, Vloggi is a user-generated video platform solution that meets all your needs

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Vloggi Has UGC Solutions For Every Industry

Community Engagement

Industry: Non-profits and advocacy
Amplify grassroots voices and drive social change with user-generated video, empowering non-profits and advocacy groups to elevate their campaigns and mobilize supporters.

Student Engagement

Industry: Education
Empower educational institutions to capture authentic student experiences and showcase dynamic coursework through user-generated video.

Audience Engagement

Industry: Content creation
Fuel creativity and community collaboration with user-generated video content, empowering content creators to showcase diverse perspectives and engage their audience.

Citizen Engagement

Industry: Government
Foster citizen engagement and transparency by leveraging user-generated video to amplify voices, gather feedback, and enhance public communication strategies.

Employee Engagement

Industry: People & Culture
Enhance internal communication strategies by harnessing the power of user-generated video to facilitate employee engagement, share insights, and foster a sense of corporate community.

Customer engagement

Industry: Marketing
Revolutionize marketing campaigns with user-generated video content, leveraging authentic testimonials and dynamic visuals to captivate audiences and drive brand engagement.

Visitor Engagement

Industry: Travel & Tourism
Transform travel marketing efforts by harnessing the authenticity and allure of user-generated video to showcase destinations, experiences, and accommodations, enticing travelers and fostering community engagement.

Delegate Engagement

Industry: Events
Elevate event experiences and engagement by incorporating user-generated video content, capturing memorable moments, and creating immersive event recaps that resonate with attendees and attract future participants.

Guest engagement

Industry: Weddings
Capture the magic and emotion of weddings with user-generated video, allowing couples to relive cherished moments and share their love story with friends and family in a dynamic and personal way.

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The Benefits Of Vloggi UGC Video Collection

Fully remote and asynchronous

Time zones are a thing of the past. Let people record whenever it suits them.

Standardized video submissions

No matter the size, format or or orientation – Vloggi with standarize the video clips.

Use videos across your marketing channels

All clips uploaded have full re-use rights assigned and a downloadable consent log.

Start your first video contest in three easy steps


1. Build your landing page

Customize your upload landing page and ask custom questions


2. Share your magic link

Invite your community to upload anywhere, any time


3. Grow your video library

Manage your video content and merge the best clips into stories

Never Edit Videos Again


Create Snackable Video In Seconds


Build A Library Of Authentic Video Assets At Very Low Cost


Need inspiration? Watch what others have done

Student reaction videos

NSW Education Standards Agency uses Vloggi to crowdsource reaction videos from HSC First in Course students

Stakeholder engagement

Fishburners uses Vloggi to crowdsource views from its members to create elevator pitch advocacy videos

Ready to collect your videos from your community?

Read how others use Vloggi to collect videos from their community, colleagues and customers

Vloggi power the crowdsourced user-generated video content for thousands of businesses. Read our success stories of how businesses are harnessing collaborative video

Why Vloggi?


Moderate footage and protect your brand image.


Personalize your landing pages in seconds


Get more authenticity for less money. No film crews required.


Get more authenticity for less money. No film crews required.

Start collecting videos from your audience today

Not sure exactly who to target, or what to ask ? Use one of our expert-crafted video collection templates.

Video testimonials for B2B or B2C

Video reviews and product demos

Video messages for communities

Video contests for social media

Video petitions for advocacy

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