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Add video forms, video submissions and video contest management to your software via either a reseller program or white label version of Vloggi’s award-winning software
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Video submission management software for vertical markets

Vloggi’s software reseller program is a unique offering that allows vertical markets to be served with bespoke video submission management software tools.

This program allows resellers to promote and sell Vloggi’s innovative video forms, video feedback and video reporting software to their clients.

The Vloggi system allows your clients to collect, store, manage and curate user-generated video submissions from their customers, employees or community, making it a valuable tool for businesses in all industries.

By partnering with Vloggi, resellers can access a powerful video submission management software tool that can be customized and integrated seamlessly with other third-party applications.

Moreover, resellers are empowered with marketing materials and support to effectively promote the platform to their targeted vertical, which can help them generate sales leads and increase customer engagement.

This low-cost investment can make a significant impact on businesses seeking to improve their video content management and curate user-generated content for their brands.

3 ways Vloggi works with software resellers

Welcome to our SAAS reseller page! We offer three options for those interested in reselling our software: Reseller, App Marketplace, and White Label.

No matter which option you choose, you will have access to our world-class support team and continuous software updates to ensure that your clients always have access to the latest and greatest technology. Join our reseller program today and start providing your clients with software solutions they’ll love!

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Our Reseller program is perfect for those who want to earn commissions by promoting and selling our video submission management software to their clients. As a Reseller, you will have access to co-branded marketing materials and dedicated sales support to help ensure your success.
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App marketplace

Our App Marketplace program is for those who have an existing software business or app store and want to add video submission management software to their offerings. You will have the ability to showcase our software alongside your own, increasing the value you bring to your customers.
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White label

Our White Label program is for those who want to completely rebrand our video submission management software as their own and sell it as a standalone product. You will have full control over the branding, pricing, and marketing of the product, allowing you to tailor it to meet the specific needs of your customers.

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Software reseller tiers

The Vloggi Reseller program is designed for software vendors who want to add video submission management to their solutions. We offer commissions, discounts and dedicated support across three tiers of resellers.


NB: All commission is based on total package deal and is payable across the lifetime of the customer account.

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From streamlining HR to boosting brand awareness: Why video submissions are becoming a must-have for corporations​

Go beyond marketing. Your clients can unlock user-generated videos to deliver more powerful results for all parts of their business.

Employee engagement – User-generated video is one of the most trusted forms of content, especially when created by staff

Video reporting – Don’t risk your confidential project videos being stored in social media

Video feedback – A video is worth 1 million words. Use narrated video to replace length feedback forms across all sections of the business

Event videos – Use videos to gather delegate video files prior to a conference 

automated video creation api for Host video library

The power of a corporate video library


As a reseller, you will receive greater commission the larger your clients’ video libary becomes.

An organized corporate video library acts as a valuable asset for companies, developing intellectual property for the company, its global team and partners.

Core features of the Vloggi video submission management software suite

By integrating Vloggi video submission tools into your solutions, your clients can have a seamless workflow that allows them to easily upload, manage, and distribute video content. As such, your clients can share their input and feedback on the video more efficiently and faster. Users can also streamline collaboration, share video assets, and communicate with stakeholders in real-time.

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Video sourcing

Vloggi’s smart video upload tool accepts video files from anyone, anywhere on any device, in any format and any ratio anywhere. The Vloggi system creates custom video upload landing pages that feature data gathering, custom prompts and rights management as part of a video form or widget.
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Video Automation

Vloggi’s automated data-led video production is an innovative solution that empowers businesses in creating video stories at scale with minimum effort. This feature is an advanced technology that works by analyzing video metadata to create video content based on templated workflows.
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Video encoding

Vloggi’s enhanced video encoder is a powerful tool that transforms the corporate video content creation experience. With its advanced functionality, it standardizes and enhances all clips in your library, which means that your footage will have a more consistent look and feel, making it ready for editing and sharing.

What type of verticals do we work with?

Vloggi seeks experienced resellers with deep knowledge of their sectors to bring the utility of video submissions to new markets and new use-cases.

Close collaboration between the company and resellers is essential for effective marketing and sales.

Start collecting user-generated video in three easy steps

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Video analytics

All video data is available for segmentation and processing

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Re-useable video

All footage re-use permission is captured by Vloggi from end-users

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Unlimited storage

Use our cloud servers or yours to store large corporate video libraries

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