Technology roadmap

This is the public roadmap of planned features of the Vloggi video submission platform. Please note that this roadmap is subject to change based on user feedback, technological advancements, and market trends. These are not in order of priority, but grouped into work sprints.

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Q3 2023 – Q4 2023

Phase 1: Enhancing User Experience
  • Feature Enhancement: User Profiles

    • Contributor can create personalized profiles, including profile pictures and brief descriptions.
    • Improve client dashboard to manage submitted videos and track their performance.
  • Improved Video Project Workflow

    • Streamline the video project set-up process with a step-by-step guide for uploading, adding dynamic fields, descriptions, and collecting relevant metadata.
    • Implement progress indicators to keep users informed during the submission process.
  • Bulk Video Export

    • Introduce multiple edit and download features for submitted content, improving user engagement and encouraging seamless sharing.
Phase 2: Video Quality and Accessibility
    • Automatic Video Enhancement

      • Implement an intelligent transcoding system to optimize video and audio quality across various devices and network conditions.
    • Closed Captioning Support

      • Integrate automatic closed captioning generation for submitted videos, enhancing accessibility and catering to a broader audience.
    • Video Quality Analysis Tools

      • Provide creators with tools to assess video quality, identify areas for improvement, and make necessary adjustments before submission.
Phase 3: Community Engagement
  • User Comments and Galleries

    • Introduce a publicly-available gallery that allows users to provide feedback on submitted videos, fostering a sense of community and interaction.
  • AI Community Finder

    • Implement an AI query to find potential online communities for contributors to help users discover sources of high-quality content creators likely to submit engaging videos.
  • Collaborative Projects

    • Enable end-users to collaborate on private video projects, allowing multiple creators to contribute to a single project.
Phase 4: Monetization and Analytics
    • Monetization Options

      • Integrate monetization features, such as viewership tracking and revenue shares
    • Advanced Analytics Dashboard

      • Provide content creators with detailed insights into video performance, audience demographics, engagement metrics, and revenue generated.
    • Data Privacy and Compliance

      • Enhance user data privacy by ensuring compliance with relevant data protection regulations, and provide transparent opt-in/opt-out choices for data usage.
Phase 5: Mobile App and Beyond
      • Mobile App Relaunch

        • Develop and relaunch a mobile app for seamless video submissions, engagement, and on-the-go video content management for within corporate reporting environments
      • Artificial Intelligence Integration

        • Explore possibilities for integrating AI features, allowing users to analyse sentiment and product usage in their contributors’ videos.
      • Integration with Third-Party Platforms

        • Investigate partnerships and integrations with B2B software platforms, enabling easy video submission into deep verticals and expanded audience reach.