Video Questionnaire

Create Dynamic Video Questionnaires, surveys and forms

Engage your audience with custom video forms programmed with up to 8 questions, enhancing interaction and gathering valuable insights.

Vloggi's video questionnaire allows you to program questions for your stakeholders

Key features

Video Questionnaires put you in
control of your video surveys

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Enhanced Engagement

Interactive video questionnaires

Elevate audience interaction by replacing traditional forms with dynamic video questionnaires, fostering deeper connections and increased participation.

Device agnostic

Any device, any time, any where, any format

Streamline the video collection process with intuitive video forms, reducing friction and ensuring accurate and comprehensive responses from contributors

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Sequenced video responses by Vloggi

Automatic Sequencing

Video survey answers grouped by respondent

Easily see all answers submitted by each respondent in grouped submission folders. Use these to sequence compilation with questions displayed over their response.

Video Questionnaire in stats

If you’re still using text-based forms, you’re missing out on rich, authentic video footage from your customers, community or colleagues


Over 50,000 businesses worldwide utilize video forms to engage their audience and collect valuable insights.


On average, each video response contains approximately 6 minutes of video footage, providing rich and detailed feedback from contributors


The usage of video forms has experienced a significant growth of 23% year on year since 2022


Businesses that utilize video questionnaires have reported up to a 40% increase in ROI due to enhanced engagement and more detailed feedback

How to use video questionnaires

Fan-submitted Q&A

Engage audiences with video answers to their questions. Collect video questions singularly and then collect video answers in a multi-question video form

Application forms

Streamline applications by collecting multi-question video responses, showcasing applicants’ personalities and communication skills effectively

Market research

Streamline scholarship applications by collecting video responses, showcasing applicants’ personalities and communication skills effectively

Vloggi is the easiest tool to build video forms for your business

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