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Vloggi is a video submission management platform that gives organizations the tools to gather, manage and compile corporate user-generated video at scale using artificial analysis and automated workflows
Carl Ireland and Justin Wastnage - Vloggi

Our mission

Vloggi’s mission is to allow businesses to make video at scale. We make it easy and affordable for teams to collectcatalog and combine user-generated footage using AI tools to extract, analyse and sort video and then to sequence automatically.

Our goal is to help every business tap into the power of user-generated video and we want our tools to power this revolution. 

User-generated video is not just a buzzword, it’s one of the most powerful forms of content your business can own and within 5 years, 75% of all business communication will be video created from footage sourced from your stakeholders. These videos create amazing opportunities to engage, deepen relationships and ultimately, share your stories and successes. That’s why we built Vloggi to make collecting, cataloging and combining those videos easy. It’s what drives us.

Our team knows video content. Our founder was the first person to use the term ‘video blog’ on YouTube back in 2006 and has been pushing the boundaries of automated content creation ever since.

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Our story - pioneers in user-generated video creation

Vloggi team outside filming on phones

Vloggi was founded in late 2018 by Justin Wastnage, a digital TV start-up pioneer and videographer (center in picture), who built the initial prototype. He was joined soon after by Tim Revell (right), a video software engineer who holds the patent for the first video streaming over mobile phone. Together they built Vloggi version 1, an app that allowed users to easily capture snippets of video and automatically compile into stories, with video effects and data overlaid. The app (pictured) debuted in the Apple App Store in 2019, ahead of the rise in social media video apps like TikTok and SnapChat.

girl making vloggi playlist while having a break in central park wide

An app ahead of its time

The app quickly amassed a user base of over 7,000. Seeking a route to monetisation, Vloggi first positioned itself as a source of user-generated video content for the travel and tourism industry. Vloggi’s founder had been advising governments in the Pacific and Europe on  effective methods of tourism promotion and user-generated video was in its infancy. So a licensing model was created that allowed contributors to be paid for video content they created for tourism boards and travel industry.

By late 2019 Vloggi had users in all continents including Antarctica, where it was used to capture a familiarisation trip by sustainable travel company Reho Travel

iceberg 11zon

Post-pandemic pivot

In December 2019 Vloggi won the prestigious Pitch for $1m contest at StartCon. Alas, 2020 was not to be a great year.   Not only did the prize evaporate,  but so too did Vloggi’s entire initial target market of travel and tourism, due to the COVID 19 pandemic.

So Vloggi pivoted first into marketing content and then into internal communications and citizen engagement. The goal remained the same: To give organizations access to  footage that their customers, colleagues or community create.

By 2021 we had become one of the leading UGC platforms, still solely focused on video.
Our talented team is growing and our customer successes are sky-rocketing. We have built a self-service software-as-a-service tool that continues to focus on making collecting video submissions easy. More than that, we are building technology to automate video production with automatic tagging, sorting and collating. Our journey has an exciting future ahead and we hope you join us for the ride.

Our timeline



Cine Souk in the soukThe initial prototype was the first video form. It allowed users to transmit video files from anywhere in the world and add inputs.



LIMH EN16 GlenelgThe South Australian Tourism Commission was Vloggi's first paying customer, using the platform to create 25 episodes of Life In My Hood video guides to Adelaide suburbs.


App v2

Vloggi App v 2

Vloggi debuted in  app stores in 2019 as a tool that was ahead of its time. It was one of the first to allow users to compile short snippets of video into stories.


SAAS platform

video templatesVloggi's content management suite Vloggi Studio debuted in early 2020 as a subscription software service optimised for video marketing and content creation at scale


Web app

Vloggi magic linkVloggi replicated the full functionality of its app in a web app in early 2021, removing the barrier of registration for all contributors at customer request


Open API

Vloggi dynamic templatesOur Restful API allowed clients the ability to merge their customer data with customer videos to automate video product listings and video reviews.


White label

Video-collector-in-semrush-pictures-03.800xAUTO (1)In 2022 Vloggi's core technology was distributed via third party app stores for the first time. SEMRush, the content marketing giant was the first white label version of Video Collector


AI add-ons

Speech-recognition-in-VloggiArtificial intelligence analysis tools were added to Vloggi to further advance the categorisation needs of clients

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Some of our video tech innovations

Very first Vloggi Ponsonby excerpt 1
Auto Compile
Auto Compile
In late 2018 Vloggi’s prototype successfully concatenated a series of disparate video clips into a video guide to Ponsonby in Auckland, New Zealand
Vloggi 2.0 uses AI to automatically make 1 minute video compilation min
Auto Curate
Auto Curate
in 2019 Vloggi developed its Magic Minute algorithm that picks the best clips from any project and creates a 60-second highlights reel
SG Marina Bay Sanss Mall ML overlaid 1856
Auto Categorize
Auto Categorize
Vloggi’s image detection model was first trialled in 2020 (from footage gathered the year prior) on consumer footage from Singapore
Enhanced video by Vloggi
Auto Configure
Auto Configure
in 2023 Vloggi introduced automatic audiovisual enhancement to ensure consistency between user-generated footage

Meet the Vloggi team

Vloggi is run by a small team of video technology pioneers
Justin Wastnage
Digital TV pioneer, futurist, innovator, former video producer and travel fan
Jérémy Giraudet
Outcome-focused Agile evangelist, Ducati superfan and Frenchie
Carl Ireland
Marketing funnel expert, digital marketer and cycling enthusiast
Goran Bendevski
Tech lead
Macquarie Uni computer science grad. 15 year full stack developer. Ex-Leadbolt
Jules Grove
Delivering insight, accountability and focus to our strategic plans
Oggi 1024x1024 2

Our mascot - Oggi the octopus

To execute video content production well at scale , many would argue you need eight arms. You need to source, script, share upload links, chase IP rights, collate, edit, manage content and publish all at once.

It’s smart, quick and ever-changing.

Introducing Oggi. A smart, quick and ever-changing octopus who is obsessed with helping you create multi-user, multi-location video content. As you embark on your user-generated video journey, Oggi is going to help make it successful.

Our platform, Vloggi, embodies an octopus’s smart problem solving. You probably know it as the platform that allows businesses to manage video submissions at scale. But, like an octopus, it actually has eight integrated functions. With Vloggi, you can:

  1. call out;
  2. collect;
  3. contextualize;
  4. categorise;
  5. curate;
  6. compile;
  7. configure; and
  8. concatenate

stakeholder videos all in automated workflows.

Oggi is the secret, hidden member of our team. He not only grabs your community’s video clips from hard-to-reach places, but sorts them, tags them, jots down the location, styles them, formats them and packages them up ready for publication.

Introducing our extended team

We also benefit from the expertise of a number of our investors, advisors and mentors
Andrew Scarborough
Tech advisor
Satu Raunola-Spencer
Board director
Brendan Leonard
Board director
Warren Stokes
Investor relations
Mike Sager
Sales advisor
Cheryl Mack
Scale-up advisor
Brendan Hill
Fundraising advisor
Ian Muir
UX advisor

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