Frequently Asked Questions

About Vloggi

  • What is Vloggi?

    Vloggi is a video submission management platform. Our tools make it easy for anyone to source, brand and use unique video content created by their colleagues, community or customers.

    Vloggi’s mission is to democratise video production by combining the automation of video editing automation with the crowdsourcing of footage capture. With over two billion smartphone users globally possessing a high definition video camera, we have the ability to turn half the world into videographers.

  • Is Vloggi a user-generated video platform or a crowdsourced video platform?

    Vloggi today is a crowdsourced video platform that allows organizations to build and manage large user-generated video (UGV) libraries. The integrated platform features video collection, content management and digital asset management. 

    Its main use cases are in marketing, content creation and internal communications.

    Vloggi enables the creation of video content at scale by allowing organizations to collect and manage vast video libraries. 

    Vloggi was the first crowdsourcing platform to integrate a data-led video automation flow into the ecosystem. The platform also ensures all content is licensed for re-use, eliminating the pain point of chasing IP rights. 

    Vloggi has developed video automation workflows that rely on metadata contained within video files to sequence videos without human editors.

    Vloggi’s USP is turning user-generated video into professional quality video at very low cost. We solve the problem of video at scale

  • Can you give me some example of what Vloggi is like?

    Sure. Vloggi combines video submission management with automated video production, so it’s pretty hard to pigeonhole us. But some other people have described us in the following ways: 

    • Vloggi is decentralised, templated video production in the cloud kind of like Canva for Teams
    • Vloggi is a video-only sharepoint for effortless file sharing and upload kind of like Dropbox for video
    • Vloggi allows people in multiple locations to work collaboratively on video kind of like Video Google Docs
    • Vloggi delivers businesses short-form user-generated video content at scale kind of like TikTok for Business
    • Vloggi is an automated video production tool that uses AI data to make compilations kind of like Corporate iMovie
    • Vloggi makes it easy to work with others on video projects of common interest kind of like Video Pinterest
  • What is your company mission?

    User-generated video is video created not by ordinary people rather than professional videographers. There are 2.5 billion smartphones and a further 500,000 action cameras. That means any of these could create video clips that a brand or community could use in their marketing. 

    User-generated video (or UGV for short) is marketing’s holy grail. It combines the conversion power of video (around 9.2 times that of images) with that of user-generated content (four times the click-through rates of professional content).

    Social media platforms all now prioritise video, yet few tools exist to source video from customers. Vloggi’s opportunity is to make user-generated video professional, consistent and automated.

  • Are you open to partnerships?

    Vloggi has also established several partnerships with various organizations to pursue our revenue growth and feature development goals at a lower cost. These fall into four main categories: 

    • research partnerships
    • marketplace agreements
    • reseller contracts;
    • revenue share agreements.

    Part of our strategy is to invest more in developing white label versions of our core technologies for vertical digital market places. 

Collecting video submissions

  • Can my contributors upload vertical videos?

    Yes. One of the beauties of Vloggi is that it accepts any format, size and resolution of video file and upscales it to a 1080p high definition landscape video file. 

    Vertical videos have blurred pillarboxes added allowing you to combine any video clips you receive, portrait, square, landscape or anywhere in between. 

    You can also download the original (raw) video files if you're making a social media story of reel and want vertical video. 

  • What are some examples of video submission projects?

    Vloggi is a B2B video submission management platform. Businesses large and small find their own application for its functionality of easily collecting, cataloging and combining videos contributed by their customers, community or colleagues. 

    Our customers tend to use our platform in one of a few main use cases based around communications and engagement:

    1. Video contests - Run a prize giveaway for the best video clips or footage for use when creating longer form video content
    2. Video forms - Replacing forms and written documents with video compilations. The clips collected are provided by stakeholders on their own devices
    3. Video messages - Gather grassroots supporters' voices for your campaign and bring their voices to life through video that they shot themselves 
  • How long can video clips uploaded be?

    We do not limit the time duration of clips uploaded via Vloggi. But we do however limit the file size to 250mb, which is explained further below.

    The perfect snackable content length

    We do recommend advising contributors to record only 30-60 seconds per clip. The ideal bitesize content length.

    Each uploaded clip is a building block towards longer pieces of video content. However, each uploaded clip is also a self-contained micro vlog that can be used as it is on social media platforms. Think of each clip as a building block towards your perfect video story.

    What does the 250mb limit mean?

    Vloggi is not a video editing tool designed for long video clips and lots of manual editing. It is a tool for you to collect videos by automatically creating a link that people can upload their videos to from anywhere and everywhere for you to use. Therefore, the ideal use of Vloggi is to collect lots of short videos from your community, friends or colleagues. This is why there is a 250mb limit.


    Recording 1 minute of video from an iPhone 12 is:

    • 45 MB with 720p HD at 30 fps (space saver)
    • 65 MB with 1080p HD at 30 fps (default)
    • 100 MB with 1080p HD at 60 fps (smoother) *
    • 150 MB with 4K at 24 fps (film style)

Managing your Vloggi subscription

  • Where do I manage my Vloggi subscription?

    You can sign up to a paid Vloggi subscription at and then once ins ide the working platform ( you can manage your subscription under the My Account tab. 

    Here you can review invoices and payment plans and upgrade and cancel your plan. 

  • Do you offer free trials?

    Yes. anyone can register and use the platfiorm for free on a limited basis. 

    Beyond that all our plans have a free trial period where users can cancel and receive their money back. Specifics can be foudn on our pricing page. 

  • Can I find the invoices associated with my account?

    yes. Our billing partner stripe handles all transactions on our behalf. Our Stripe portal can be accessed through the My Plan tabe within the Vloggi platform and you can access all previous invoices. 

Investor questions about Vloggi

  • What is the problem that Vloggi solves?

    Businesses are moving towards a video-first communications strategy.  But video creation at scale is still constrained by human process from filming through to editing. Humans are costly. 

    This means businesses hold back on video. For example, 95% of marketing executives surveyed by Wyzol said the complexity and cost of video campaigns held them back. 

    Yet there are 6.6 billion mobile phone users in the world and many streaming platforms.So why don't businesses harness user-generated video?

    Businesses struggle to collect videos

    • Collecting internal or external videos requires cloud folders, creating a bottleneck
    • Hashtag campaigns on social media are not suitable for internal or sensitive projects
    • Securing consent to re-use is lengthy, time-consuming and requires input from legal

    Businesses struggle to curate videos

    • Video files shared need to be manually filed into folders or tagged, often in a document 
    • Businesses need to contextualise videos with customer, or business data, often manually
    • Accurately capturing customer names and other data is vital to the success of UGC

    Businesses struggle to combine videos

    • Outsourcing video editing costs an average of us$1,750, making multiple edits costly 
    • Businesses often have strict brand guidelines they need video assets to meet
    • Multiple formats, orientations and lengths make editing crowdsourced footage together into compilations a lengthy pain point

    All these pain points have created a massive bottleneck in the way of wholesale adoption of video-first business communication

  • How does Vloggi solve the problem of video scarcity?

    Vloggi makes it easy for organisations to collect, catalog and compile footage from their stakeholders at massive scale

    Vloggi automates user-generated video production by combining a custom video uploader with a content management platform. Our tools allow businesses to source footage from phones at scale. Our platform also captures consent and formats video into templated digital assets. 

    Vloggi replaces traditional linear video production with a pipeline of authentic footage that can be remixed upon request into new content. Our system can be integrated with existing customer databases and workflows to produce personalised, automated video at massive scale.

    Video is expensive in part because videographers are scarce. We turn the world’s 6 billion smartphone owners into potential videographers for business internal and external projects.

    Our AI tools then analyse the data and use this to sort, sequence and suggest finished montages, scripts and social media channels where businesses can find contributors

  • What’s your business model?

    We're a B2B2C SAAS platform

    Vloggi is a software-as-a-service platform offering subscriptions. Our platform has a free tier where any small team can create up to three minutes of finished video from their team’s contributions. These videos feature the Vloggi watermark and are based on standard video templates. 

    Beyond that our tiers are scaled for small and medium businesses at low monthly fees.

    There is also a video template customization fee and campaign set-up service for first-time users. Video templates can be re-used endlessly.

    Beyond that we offer a range of services to large corporations wanting endlessly consistent user-generated video campaigns via our Vloggi Integrate API.

  • Why should I invest in Vloggi?

    Our technology will completely alter the video production landscape.

    Our technology is collaborative video production, which is a very new area of decentralised content creation.

    Sometimes called atomised content creation, our vision is that everyone can create, curate and commercialise their own content or work with others to improve it. Some examples of atomised content creation can be found in the following services.

    • Wikipedia - collaborative encyclopædia creation
    • Quora - collaborative question answering
    • Slack - collaborative messaging
    • Canva - collaborative design
    • Google Docs - collaborative document editing
    • Pinterest - collaborative visual storyboarding

    Collaboration allows people within business groups, communities and teams to work together on large projects. No one has done this successfully yet for video, although there is lots of activity in this space from big companies.

    This is chiefly because video editing is subjective and also because there is a lot of vested invests in keeping video production costs high by stressing the importance of professionally produced video. 

    Our vision is to create an ecosystem where organisations can activate their superfans to create the brand’s video content. The most valuable marketing asset will be hyperlocal, niche video content created by real consumers. 

  • What are your growth plans?

    Vloggi is a scale-up. We have proved product: market fit (because we have good, early revenue) and our marketing is working. We have tested channels that have led to a 452% increase in users and a 384% rise in website traffic. The next 12 months is the time to maximise revenue. 

    We will do this is through a bottom-up sales strategy. A tight cooperation between our marketing, product and customer support teams will drive sales. Marketing feeds the top of the funnel with registrations, great product leads to subscriptions, customer success leads to upgrades. We also envisage a direct sales approach to reach corporate customers. 

    This approach is designed to move customers up the value chain in a B2B SAAS land-and-expand approach. We need to solve a pain point for juniors. Our GTM can be summarised thus:

    • Content-led inbound marketing to grow self-service customer registrations
    • Customer success to nurture existing clients to upgrade or subscribe 
    • Customer value-led feature development to grow upgrade opportunities
    • Outbound sales to find and sign up new corporate accounts
    • Partnerships with high-traffic digital distribution platform