Discover the Power of Vloggi: Feature Highlights

Vloggi is a platform designed to transform the way you engage with user-generated video content at scale, offering a range of powerful features that allow you to COLLECT, CATALOG, COMPILE and CONTEXTUALISE user-generated video for your organization.

Whether you’re an individual content creator, an educational institution, a government agency, or a non-profit organization, Vloggi is your key to unlocking the full potential of video.

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Vloggi Video Submission Management Features Overview

Vloggi is a highly performant video content management tool, video production suite and crowdsourcing engine all in one. Here are a few more things Vloggi can do for your business.

6 ways Vloggi makes it easy to collect video submissions

Vloggi makes it easy to gather video submissions at scale from your customers, colleagues or community

Video Forms

Custom branded video upload landing pages make it easy to put a call out to contributors

Video Contests

Add an contest incentive, deadline and promo codes for completion right within the Vloggi platform

Video Links

Share your contributor call out with a unique URL or download the QR code for use in physical events

Video Consent

All contributions uploaded to your Vloggi video library have e-signed Content Assignment Forms

Video Dashboard

Track your campaign views, conversions and uploads in your project dashboard

Video Cloud

Forget email attachments or downloading from social media with our secure cloud folders

6 ways Vloggi makes it easy to categorize video submissions

Vloggi simplifies the process of categorizing video submissions, helping you organize and manage your content effortlessly

Video Watermarks

Prove ownership of your video submissions by adding a duotone watermark to every clip

Video Tagging

Easily find your video submissions by tagging clips, either manually or via API connection to your database

Video CMS

Video submissions are easy to retrieve in Vloggi's project-based content management system

Video Downloads

Download all video submissions direct from your project folder in webres, HD or raw video files

Video Shortlists

Easily create shortlists of the best video submissions using the favorite function with your team

Video Locations

Vloggi's metadata analysis automatically detects clip location for you to use in video compilation

6 ways Vloggi makes it easy to compile video submissions

With Vloggi, you can compile video submissions into engaging, cohesive narratives that tell your story effectively

Video Enhancer

To make compilations easier, we color-grade all clips, enhance the video and normalize the audio.

Video Workflows

Build complex, rules-based video workflows to automate video production using metadata

Video Chronology

Use the metadata within your video submissions to sequence by date or time (i.e before-during-after)

Dynamic Videos

Create a master video template with dynamic fields and visual effects to automate post-production

Video Listicles

Vloggi's dynamic video templates include a numbering feature, so you can make video listicles

Video Resizer

Vloggi's video encoder resizes and reformats all submissions, meaning you can stitch together all clips

6 ways Vloggi makes it easy to contextualize video submissions

Video Captions

Add our speech-to-text plug-in to automatically generate subtitles for your video submissions

Video Objects

Add our object detection plug-in to find common objects within your contributors' video submissions

Video Insights

Use Vloggi's AI plug-in to provide valuable nuances and trends within your video submissions

Video Sentiment

Analyze the words people use in their video submissions and gauge their overall sentiment

Video Ratings

Collect ratings from users for every project to triage happy contributors from dissatisfied

Video Integration

Connect your data to Vloggi to pre-populate contributor inputs and automate video production

Looking for a new feature? Review Vloggi’s public technology roadmap.