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    Vloggi is the world's first collaborative video production technology. Anyone can crowdsource a project, anyone can contribute by creating video assets and anyone can curate these into longer videos.
    For brands, this represents a brand new way of sourcing authentic, fresh video content.
    Vloggi brings user-generated video to the marketing mainstream.

    Each 10-second Vloggi is a building block of a longer film. The content can be endlessely remixed into listicles, video guides or used as they are in a daily social media feed.
    User generated content is trusted seven times more than branded content and Vloggi's decentralised video production platform that allows marketing agencies to source and combine multiple video perspectives into unique videos for every campaign.
    Vloggi's automated video production system opens crowdsourced video up to anyone needing authentic content.

    Crowdsource your next video project

    Why hire one production crew, when you can access hundreds?


    All our content is rights-managed, meaning no chasing IP rights


    Feed the social media beast with fresh content every day


    Use your fans to tell your stories in their own words. Reward them by using their work.


    Eliminate film crew travel expenses by using people on the ground.


    Licence only what you need, when you need it


    Snackable content delivered fresh every day


    Our videos are all overlaid for silent mobile viewing


    Combine as many clips as you like to make longer films

    Need fresh, authentic video content?

    Create a Vloggi project and harness the power of the crowd


    Only pay for what you need

    Vloggis are free to create and share. Purchase credits to download and licence.

    Vloggi credits can be used to licence content or to incentivise vloggers.

    Content licensing options

    Download Licence

    1 credit

    Download Vloggi and use within 24 hours on multiple social media channels

    Export Licence

    2 credits

    Download footage and captions separately. Use within one organisation

    Open Licence

    5 credits

    Royalty-free license to download video and distribute to third parties

    Sell Licence

    10 credits

    Download and reuse Vloggis for manipulation and commercial resale.

    Read full Vloggi licensing terms here.