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    Bringing user-generated video to marketing

    The Vloggi platform is a collaborative video production technology that allows for multiple perspectives to be combined into single short films. For marketing agencies and small businesses, the decentralised content creation model removes costly film crews from the video production budget. Our unique automatic video compilation engine also removes the video editing component.

    The way to benefit most from crowdsourced video is to post a large project, add some incentives (either through our app or through your own promotion) and then promote to your fans. The most entries you recieve, the higher quality the end film will be.

    Why crowdsource your next video project?

    Our app produces geotagged, captioned microvlogs. Pefect for social media

    But Vloggis are also designed to be combined into longer video playlists by location or theme


    Get multiple video perspectives on your part of the world

    Combine the best clips into unique playlists


    Use your fans to tell your stories in their own words

    Reward your loyal customers through licensed re-use

    Cost effective

    Licence only what you need, when you need it

    Eliminates editing and video production costs

    Need fresh, authentic video content?

    Create a Vloggi project and harness the power of the crowd

    Vloggi for destination marketing

    Vloggi is the easiest way to build your video content library

  • Get authentic peer-to-peer recommendations from real travellers
  • No job too small - write an assignment for a single location or multiple
  • Create great content at a fraction of the price of hiring expensive film crews
  • Target behavioural traveller niches - activate passionate communities

  • 1. Post a project

    Write a brief for a single Vloggi or an entire campaign

    2. Activate your fans

    Promote the project to your followers and fans

    3. Combine videos

    Review the entries and make playlists from the best

    4. Promote

    Licence and use the best Vloggis in your promotions


    Vloggis are free to create and share. Purchase credits to download and licence.

    Vloggi credits can be used to licence content or to incentivise vloggers.

    Content licensing options


    1 credit

    Download Vloggi and use within 24 hours

    Use on multiple social media channels


    2 credits

    Export footage and captions separately

    Use within one organisation


    5 credits

    Royalty-free license to download

    Distribute to third parties


    10 credits

    Download and reuse Vloggis

    Free to manipulate for commercial resale

    • Casual
    • Free
    • Suitable for Small businesses
    • Create + share
    • Credits: $25
    • Start a project
    • Community
    • $490
    • Suitable for Not-for-profits
    • 20 credits
    • Create + share
    • Project page
    • Extra credits: $24
    • Start a project
    • Campaign
    • $1190
    • Suitable for Marketing agencies
    • 50 credits
    • Create + share
    • Project page
    • Reporting metrics
    • Extra credits: $23
    • Start a project

    Hit niche audiences through video playlists

    Vloggi is a cost-effective way to reach key verticals, by incentivising them to create and curate video content.

    Below is a guideline to how many Vloggis to post in a project

    Learn more about crowdsourced video content