Own All The UGC Video Content In Your Library

The Vloggi UGC Video Consent Form is the easiest solution for transferring ownership of user-generated content (UGC) videos to your business.

It’s one clear and easy form for contributors to use and a traceable content assignment form for your legal team to keep on file.

The consent form is at the heart of the Vloggi system

Say Goodbye To The Hassle Of Managing Video Consent Forms

Get full control of user-generated content with Vloggi’s consent form. It’s easy to use, captures consent and IP addresses, and offers a seamless experience for both contributors and businesses. Download a CSV file and effortlessly organize and manage permissions. Revolutionize your UGC video rights management with Vloggi.

Claiming UGC Digital Rights Ownership Has Never Been Easier

At the heart of the Vloggi UGC video consent form is a Content Assignment Agreement that transfers ownership from the contributor to the Vloggi client. 

Always seek your own legal advice. However, our UGC video consent form features two features your legal team may like.

IP Address Capture

In addition to prompting contributors to input their name, our platform also captures the IP address. In case of a misspelled name or wilfully incorrectly entered name, this provides an extra level of proof that every step was taken to secure rights transfer from the contributor.

Download Reports

All paid Vloggi plans include the option to download project reports. These contain the obligatory data fields (name and IP address) as well the time the consent form was signed. Any other data requested from contributors, such as email, location and questions will also appear in the CSV.


Get raw files direct

If you're sick of requesting high definition files from the influencer community, then you'll love Vloggi's direct upload file transfer. With full rights to re-use, you gain access to raw files*

* Raw files available on Community and Corporate plans

Say goodbye to endless DMing

If you're sick of direct messaging influencers to beg for the rights to re-use their content, then you'll love Vloggi. All rights are transferred to the paid Vloggi plan account holder in one click.

Sign up below starts free trial of Community tier. Cancel at any time.

Why You Need 100% Opted-In Video

Train Your Machine Learning Models
By ensuring ownership of the video you use to train your models, you can avoid copyright issues with generative AI
Identfy Duplicate And Fake Content
By owning the original source file, you can prove later manipulation or digital transformation if abused by third parties
Licensing Requests On The Best Content
When your video campaigns go viral, you will want to licence the best clips to media and partners with a ownership trail

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