Behind the scenes of Charli XCX’s crowdsourced music video Forever

Short clip from Charli XCX Forever video

Charli XCX’s 2020 music video for her song ‘Forever’ is a great example of how a crowdsourced music video can be used to create stunning visuals. Locked down during the first wave of COVID, the record company couldn’t shoot a promo video. Instead, the team behind the project sent out an open call for users […]

Five fun wedding video and photo extras for your big day

Vloggi wedding

If you’re like most couples, you’re probably planning to hire a video and photography crew to capture your wedding day. But have you thought about adding on some fun extras? Maybe you want user-generated video, maybe drone footage or maybe a good old-fashioned photo booth. Here are five ideas that will make your video and […]

Six lead generation strategies using video contests to recruit brand advocates

Vloggi video contest platform

As anyone in business knows, generating leads is essential for success. And while there are many ways to generate leads, one of the most effective is through leveraging brand advocates – those passionate fans who spread the word about your product or service. Brand advocates are valuable because they provide social proof that your brand […]

Downloading and re-using user-generated video – what marketers need to know

Downloading from YouTube illegal

Video marketing is booming. 2022 saw a 22% increase in digital marketing over the year before, and much of this is using user-generated or influencer video as the core assets. Yet many digital marketers get asked by their account directors whether it is safe and legal to re-use the assets created by other people. Does […]

How brands are replacing repurposing with video contests in 2022

Vloggi video contests

In today’s social media-centered world, almost every marketing team has a user-generated content strategy. Or is planning one. This is chiefly because UGC is so effective. Some 91% of consumers say they are more likely to share content about a brand if they see the brand re-sharing customer content. But the act of repurposing social […]

The future of work: The biggest hybrid working trends for 2022

The biggest hybrid working trends for 2022

After two long years of pandemic pain, most people hoped for a return to normality for 2022. With some signs that the worst may soon be over, businesses are shifting their thinking to expansion. But the “new normal” is nothing like the pre-pandemic 9-5 in the office. For workers, the benefits of remote working and […]

How social media micro-moments influence voters in elections

social media micro-moments influences voters

When it comes to election years, all the focus tends to be on set-piece events: debates, leadership contests, candidate selections and more. These scheduled events are the mainstay of political junkies, who sit glued to 24-hour news channels. But often election-defining events will not get into the television news. It will happen quietly and quickly, […]

How to build a powerful advocacy campaign with community video

Community videos for advocacy campaigns

Community video is a powerful tool to tell your story and build awareness about an issue.   It can be used for advocacy campaigns, community organizing, social movements, and more. We’ve outlined four steps to help you plan a community video campaign that will engage your audience and achieve the results you want.   Step […]