How to record good video clips on your phone for crowdsourced video production

record video clips

10-15 second video clips are the building blocks of the Vloggi platform Create a project and invite your community – customers, colleagues, fans – to contribute. They can use the Vloggi app or upload existing video to the Vloggi website to allow you easily and quickly create short films leveraging user-generated content to help promote your […]

Startup entrepreneurs during Covid – Like playing Monopoly with real money

Real money Monopoly / Jouer au Monopoly avec des vrais billets

Technology startups are always a roll of the dice. Like a game of Monopoly played with real money, the normal rhythm is always two steps forward for every one step back. But the outbreak in March of novel coronavirus COVID-19, a pandemic that brings the entire global economy to its knees, is like being on […]

How coronavirus could be the tipping point for video collaboration

video collaboration with coronvirus

No one hates uncertainty more than investors. Two days ago global markets were down by record amounts and the G7 finance ministers were arranging emergency talks on how to ward against the impacts of a global slowdown. Chinese factory output is down, global air travel is highly disrupted and global business events are being cancelled.

Are you ready for B2B2C marketing? Learn how to embrace passion plays

Shooting videos

At a recent travel marketing summit, the debate raged about the best mix between B2B and B2C marketing. The missing acronym, B2B2C is in its infancy. The business-to-business-to-consumer business model doesn’t even have its own Wikipedia entry.  Yet Wikipedia itself is the one of the most successful user-generated content platform in the world. Almost 45 million entries created […]

Do councils need video to promote their destinations?


So, do councils need video to promote their destinations? Well, yes. Why? Because that’s what people are searching for and because it can tell a story in a way that still images cannot. But you don’t have to spend a fortune to create compelling and effective content.

Why Travel Bloggers Need a Side Hustle & Where to Find One?

cine souk vlogger

With follower fatigue, freelance rates crumbling and more demanded of travel bloggers to make ends meet, there is a real need for a new income stream. Ciné Souk has developed its Vloggi video capture app to provide another string to bloggers’ bows. 

Why destinations need blogs and video blogs

Why destinations need blogs and video blogs

Consumers these days are becoming increasingly immune to normal advertising, with many regarding it as an interruption. They stream TV shows through apps like Netflix and Stan, or record TV shows and fast forward through the ads. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t reach them and get your message through – it’s just that […]