Video content marketing = higher conversions

Video marketing for brands is an excellent way to connect with consumers today. With video, you can show your personality and build a connection with customers on a more personal level. It’s also worth mentioning that video marketing has been shown to increase conversion rates by 80%.


This blog post includes 5 best practices for your video marketing and branding.


1. Include a branded video and call to action on your homepage


Video marketing for brands is all about where you post and place your video online. The placement of your video is important as it can help to improve the page’s conversion rate. Once you have an optimal placement for your video, you should add a CTA to provide a clear direction for your audience.


Where should the video be placed?

The experts at instapage state ‘Where you place videos on a page depends on the type of page you’re creating. For short-form pages and pages that contain less copy, the video should be showcased fairly quickly because it’s the primary source of information for visitors. For longer sales pages, the video can come after you’ve explained your offer with the copy.

The placement of the video is a judgment call. To find out if you’ve placed the video at the right location on your page, spend some time A/B testing different video placements.’ If you can spare 15 minutes, this guide is differently worth the read.


2. Use different types of videos on social media such as short clips


Use short clips rather than full-length ones as long clips can be overwhelming for some people and cause viewer fatigue or encourage distractions while viewing. One way of producing shorter video clips is by showing your potential customer how they can use a product or service. You could include multiple demonstrations of the work that goes into making a product or service from scratch by showing all steps involved and the process. People appreciate the story, authenticity, and seeing the hard work that goes into making a product or service. You can easily do video marketing for brands with a platform like Vloggi!


Pro tip:

If your brand hasn’t done this before, consider starting it on an episodic basis. This will save the time and effort required to produce a larger piece of video content and instead keep your audience locked into watching and engaging with your next episode.


3. Use YouTube


Use youtube to host videos and place SEO keywords within the copy and tags.  When writing tags or titles include one keyword per phrase so it’s easy for search engine crawlers to find it in Google searches. If you are looking at youtube ranking advice, check out the Semrush youtube optimization channel.


4. Caption videos


Make sure your video has captions when posted on Facebook or other social media sites if they’re not automatically generated by YouTube; people might notice if there are no subtitles available. These captions make it easily accessible to a variety of people so that you are not missing anyone.


5. Engage through comments


Engaging with customers through comments will help build rapport. Do not ‘set it and forget it’ once your video is posted. If you have any viewers that make video comments or ask questions, take the time to write back to them and ask them questions. This is not only great customer service and engagement practices but it also improves appearances by appealing to most social platforms algorithms.




If you have a small budget or need help getting started with video marketing for brands or creating your own videos, let us know. Our team of experts would love to introduce you to Vloggis and get you started on easily creating your branded video marketing campaign. Do any of these tips resonate with how you currently engage in branding through video content?

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