Boost Your Marketing with Customer Testimonial Videos

Turn more of your customers into advocates.

Vloggi is an automated video testimonial software with smart features that lets you collect, categorize, and claim ownership of customer video reviews and testimonials at scale.

*Free trial then subscription to Community. For corporate tiers, see pricing page
Vloggi allows you to build a library of customer video testimonials

An automated product video review service

Vloggi’s video testimonial software has helped businesses turn thousands of happy customers into brand advocates.

Combining user-generated video with automated production, Vloggi lets you create powerful customer video marketing 1000 times faster than traditional video production and 100 times cheaper.

Oh. And customer videos are the most trusted form of social proof, leading to up to a 7x sales increase

Why you need customer videos in your marketing

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Ultimate Social Proof

Video feedback is the ultimate proof-based marketing tool.

Authentic customer video is twice as converting as reviews and 7x expert ratings

Vloggi is the easiest way to gather, analyse and manage video feedback at scale.

Tip: Automatically add contributor names, location and other data to videos to reinforce authenticity.

Create social proof videos
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Customer Insights

Video is easiest way for customers to submit feedback, with no forms to fill in.

You can easily integrate video at any touchpoint to aggregate customer journey analytics. 

Brand safety is paramount and with Vloggi all video clips are 100% private to your brand.

Tip: Add speech-to-text for easier analysis of video narration.

Collect customer insights
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Great Semantic SEO

Linear video was never good for search, until now.

Google Business Profile now incentivizes video, especially user-generated reviews.

YouTube and Instagram are now the leading search engines for under-30s and video testimonial pages rank high in intent search.

Tip: Make compilations of clips to maximize search relevancy.

Improve your SEO with video

Collect 250 Customer Videos in Your First Year or your money back

If you are not using customer videos in your marketing then you are missing out on the most cost effective tool in today’s marketing mix. 

Getting started is easy. Most companies start on our Community tier, which allows you to store and manage up to 250 user-generated videos in your library. Larger storage limits are available for corporates – see Vloggi pricing for more details.

Any business serving at least 1,000 customers per week can get 250 video submissions easily. We guarantee it. 

 To get your started,  we’ll give you 55% off your first year and throw in two success calls to get you started.

Sign up today and get a 30-day trial and money back guarantee if you do not collect 250 customer videos in your first year.  

Vloggi automates your video testimonial collection

From reformatting to consent agreements and everything in between, Vloggi has over 45 killer features that allow you to put your customer video marketing on autopilot. Read more about our features here.

We reformat all video submissions for you

Vloggi’s blazingly fast video encoder reformats and enhances all video submissions you receive, leaving you with a standardised video library
Vloggi's video resizer allows you to accept videos in any format

We collect content re-use permissions for you

Vloggi’s integrated electronic content assignment form collects contributor name, IP address and permission to re-use. Customize your own project rules, terms & conditions and contributor remuneration.
Vloggi guarantees UGC video consent

We give you all the videos submissions to download

All the videos stored in your Vloggi library are yours to export either clean or pre-formatted with your logo and visual effects. You can also download the raw source files or make compilations. Plus link your cloud drive for faster exports.

Download all UGC videos as downloads

Vloggi is the video submission software used by:

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Get Your Customers To Provide All The Video You'll Ever Need For Marketing

Vloggi has helped over 3000 companies turn on their video tap by harnessing the power of customer videos. We have distilled all our knowledge, best practice and case studies into a 24-page ultimate guide to user-generated video.

Learn more

Put Your Customer Video Marketing Onto Autopilot

With Vloggi, you can sit back and watch your customer video library grow in real time. Simply set up the brief, share it with your customers and wait for the video clips to flow in.

The greater the incentive, the greater success you’ll have.

Read more on how to incentivize user-generated video

Build your video marketing library

Collect Customer Videos At Every Touchpoint

Plug video into your customer journey analytics from lead generation through fulfilment and feedback.

Run a video contest with Vloggi
Video Contests

Easily create a video contest in Vloggi to gather awesome UGC video footage from your brand ambassadors

Get video reviews easily with Vloggi
Video Reviews

Use Vloggi’s video review system to collect always-on footage and ratings from customers of yournrad

Use Vloggi for lead generation in your marketing
Video Forms

Easily build lead generation forms to collect data alongsode customer video footage for your brand marketing with Vloggi

Explore The Vloggi Platform For Your Brand

Vloggi is an integrated video crowdsourcing, analytics, content management and video editing tool. 

You can watch the video below for more details or book a demo with one of our team.

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Strategic partnership with MetroClick for Video Feedback kiosks

In 2024 Vloggi signed a strategic partnership with New York-based MetroClick to jointly develop video review kiosks for use in retail environments. The deployment uses existing Vloggi technology integrated into tablet-based kiosks.

What others say about Vloggi

Case Studies for Vloggi's customer video testimonial software

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Need to go further? We have an automation for that

For larger projects, API integration is available to fully automate video production

Integrate with your existing database for directories or build a custom work flow

Display customer data from your database alongside user-generated video and inputs

Use customer data and order data to populate video reviews
Use store data to populate customer data used in video overlays
Add sequenced steps, using timestamp data to build stories

Add AI tools to analyze your video submissions

Access our AI plugins for sentiment analysis, speech-to-text and facial recognition