Engage your communities through video storytelling

What is Vloggi?

Vloggi is the world's first collaborative video platform. It brings the sharing economy to video production, reducing cost and time.

Our suite of tools make it easy for organisations to source, brand and use unique video content created by their communities.

Our technology automatically edits and brands, so you don't have to.

Vloggi's integrated video tools

A smart video capture app

Our app uses smart video technology to create beautiful 10-second video clips every time. Now anyone can be a videographer.

A smart video publishing platform

Create video stories in seconds using our smart cloud-based video maker to combine, brand and format videos.

Easy video stories

As soon as your community starts contributing video clips, you can combine, brand and download them as video stories.

Drag and drop to combine Vloggis in your brand templates to create authentic video content at a fraction of the cost of traditional video production.

  • Pull together location listicles
  • Easily make marketing mash-ups
  • Assemble web TV episodes quickly

Why use Vloggi?

Get fans to tell your story

User-generated content is trusted seven times more than paid content. Our revolutionary app makes it easy for anyone to contribute video to your story.

Engage your audiences

Write a project brief, add a prize for the best entries and then share the link as part of your marketing. Invite your community to start creating video for you in tiny chunks using the Vloggi app.

Build your video library

To feed the social media beast, you need hours of video. Vloggi enables you to quickly acquire and re-use video content without paying film crews.

Reward your loyal customers

We pledge to always give at least 50% of the content licence fees back to your video contributors. So you can give back to your community through every video story you make and use.

Vloggis are self-contained 10-second video blogs

Vloggis are microvlogs. Up to five shots edited together in the app into one 10-second clip. All the content is licensed to share or download

  • Perfect for social media
  • Caption overlaid for silent viewing
  • Location and place name shown on all videos
  • Combine multiple clips into longer video stories

Vloggis can be branded to create video stories for social media

How Vloggi works

1. Activate

Launch a project on Vloggi
and share the link. Use a prize promotion to increase participation

2. Collaborate

Watch the entries as they come in to your project. Combine hundreds of locations and creators

3. Remix

Pick the ones you like, combine them effortlessly into mash-ups, listicles or web episodes

4. Publish

Apply your customised theme and download branded video content to use immediately on social media

Make branded social media videos

Launch your first Vloggi project

15 minutes of UGV every month

  • Weekly web episodes for social media channels
  • Suitable for businesses or mega communities
  • Exclusive rights over series name and format
  • Customised design for series templates
  • Monthly subscription across team members