Revolutionize Student Engagement With Secure Video Submissions

Are you ready to transform your student engagement strategies and streamline your administrative processes?

Vloggi offers a dynamic solution for universities and education institutions to harness the power of video submissions in a private and accessible environment.

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Secure video submissions for education by Vloggi

The Benefits Of Student Video Submissions

At Vloggi, we understand the value of privacy, accessibility, and content ownership in the education sector.

Our platform is meticulously designed to seamlessly integrate video submissions into the fabric of your institution, ensuring a secure, device-friendly, and content-assured solution.

Private cloud

Safeguard your institution’s data and maintain content ownership. Vloggi’s private cloud solution ensures that your content is not stored on public platforms like YouTube, giving you full control and ownership of the content.

Device agnostic

Embrace accessibility by allowing students to submit video from their own smartphone or tablet. Vloggi’s platform is device-agnostic, ensuring that students can participate regardless of tech.


Make student applications more dynamic and personal with video submissions. Over 95% of students today favor video over other communications channels, so give them the channel of their choice.


Facilitate student projects, feedback collection, and coursework submissions in an engaging format. Video submissions are an interactive and cooperative way of accepting feedback and accreditation.

Why use Vloggi for Your Student Video Submissions?

Examples of Student Video Submissions

Embrace the diversity of your students with remote-access video submissions. 
Whether you are gathering tutorial feedback or opening a new accreditation channel, video is the format 98% of students prefer to use. 
Showcase Gen Z content creation skills in coursework explainer videos.

Or easily add video applications into your future intake pipeline. 
Here are some key use cases
Get video applications easily with Vloggi
Video Applications
Video applications allow admissions officers gain a deeper understanding of each applicant’s personality, enthusiasm, and aspirations
Allow students to submit video coursework with Vloggi
Video Coursework
Students can engage with course materials by uploading video content to their teachers that showcases their comprehension and creativity
Get video feedback from students
Student Feedback
Video submissions offer a more personal and dynamic channel for students to express their opinions, ideas, and concerns

Join these educational instutions using Vloggi to collect student video submissions

Vloggi is trusted by leading higher education institutions that recognize the transformative power of video submissions for student engagement.

Join the ranks of innovative universities and take your student engagement to the next level.

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Case Studies Of Student Video Submissions

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Video Coursework
Video Coursework
Australian school Monté Sant’ Angelo Mercy College has integrated video submissions into its coursework accreditation flow
clip ss 9479
Video Applications
Video Applications
Australian exam board the NSW Education Standards Agency uses Vloggi for exam video submissions for the performing arts
clip ss 3632
Alumni Engagement
Alumni Engagement

International School of Luxembourg uses Vloggi to capture maintain relations with alumni around the world

Harness The Content Creation Skills Among Your Students

Vloggi's 3 Simple Steps To Student Video Submissions

Collect user generated video submissions with Vloggi 300x300 1

1. Collect

Create a video call-out and post a link or use on-screen QR code

Categorize your user generated video with Vloggi 300x300 1

2. Categorize

Tag, sort, and favorite the clips as they come in. Add to project folders.

Create video stories in seconds using Vloggi 1 1 300x300 1

3. Cache

Merge those clips you like into compilations, or download them

Give A Personality To Course Applications & Scholarship Videos

Video software to make student feedback easy