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Media release – Vloggi just made automating video reviews & video contests easy thanks to a public API of its crowdsourcing technology

Video crowdsourcing platform Vloggi releases Vloggi Integrate as a public API to make automating video reviews & video contests easy


The API, Vloggi Integrate, is a public restful API that enables web developers to access a series of endpoints to publish video clips to the Vloggi system, along with their bespoke from their customers. We make automating video reviews & video contests easy. Data-rich customers, such as online review aggregators or directories are among the first customers using the API to automate the creation of video reviews at scale. 


Vloggi has released its first public application programming interface (API) to customers wishing to further integrate video crowdsourcing into their existing workflows.

A public API provides web developers specifications in order for their platforms to talk to a third party system without having to interact with a front-end website. It is, if you like, backdoor access. Albeit with a key and welcome mat laid out.

A good analogy could be made with food. You can order a burger from any fast food restaurant. It’s quick, it’s easy but doesn’t let your options to add another patty or change the sauce (yes I know some restaurants now do custom burgers).

Or, you could go shopping and buy what you need to make your own burger. This would allow you to fully customise the experience by making your own recipe using the core ingredient of the dish. On the other hand, this would also require more effort since you have to make the burger yourself. This is like an API – the raw ingredients of the dish.

Vloggi API

So what value does an API bring to Vloggi’s customers and partners?


This API will allow any customer or partner to directly interact with Vloggi back-office by allowing their customers to send video clips, search for projects and more, straight from their own website.

The major advantages this API provides are:

  • Users will never navigate away from our customers website
  • The video upload process can be fully owned by our customers having complete control on their users experience whether the video upload is part of a review or a competition submission process
  • The upload workflow can be completely customised in terms of data integration that the partner already collects


How does it work?


Once you’ve contacted Vloggi, you will be given the credentials you need to start sending request from your own front-end application to our back-office.

The API conforms to the Open API v3 specifications and the documentation has been generated using the well known library Swagger to make sure it is easy for web developers to use.

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What is the next step?


Vloggi is looking at expanding this API adding further endpoints unlocking great features for our clients (i.e. video batch uploads, dashboard data…).

We are currently (September 2020) working with three customers integrating our API into their video submission workflows.

If video reviews or contests interest you and you want to learn more I would be happy to chat with you, visit our website for more information vloggi.com

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