Easily create UGC Video Co-Productions With Your Online Audience

Are you an online content creator looking to elevate your channel and foster a deeper connection with your audience?

Vloggi empowers you to transform your content into a two-way conversation, inviting your viewers to be part of the creative process.

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Vloggi makes content co-creation with your online audience easy

The Benefits Of Audience-Generated Content

At Vloggi, we understand the significance of audience engagement and authenticity in the world of online content creation.

Our platform is designed to seamlessly integrate video submissions into your channel, providing an interactive and dynamic experience for your audience.

Interactive Content

Foster a two-way connection with your audience by inviting them to submit video content related to your channel’s theme. This creates a sense of community and active participation.

Embrace Diversity

Embrace the power of diverse voices within your content. Audience submissions offer fresh insights, unique talents, and a richer variety of content to keep your channel dynamic.

Authentic Footage

Amplify authenticity by featuring viewer-generated content. Let your audience co-create the narrative, adding an exciting layer of trust and relatability to your channel.

Boost Loyalty

Engaging your audience by showcasing their contributions builds a loyal and dedicated fan base, as viewers become a more integral part of your content.

Why use Vloggi for Your Audience Video Submissions?

Vloggi isn’t just another video platform; it’s your tool for transforming content creation into a collaborative journey.

Encourage your audience to participate by submitting videos on specific topics, challenges, or discussions related to your channel.

Vloggi is the world leader in user-generated video submission management. Many of the features we’ve developed for corporations cross over into content creation perfectly, so you’ll love collecting audience video submissions.

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Examples of Audience Video Submissions

Embrace the diversity of viewer-generated content to keep your channel fresh and engaging.

Showcase viewer content to create a sense of unity and authenticity within your community.

Your audience becomes not just passive viewers but active participants, building loyalty and enthusiasm for your channel.

Here are some key use cases

Accept screen tests easily with Vloggi
Screen Test

Ask potential podcast or channel guests to submit a short pitch tape for you to pre-screen the talent

Easily collect viewer footage with Vloggi
Viewer Footage
An easy way to fill your episodes AND build engagement is to include viewer-submitted clips in your segments
Get viewer Q&A for your channel
Viewer Q&As
Use Vloggi’s video submission tool to collect questions from your audience that you answer on screen

Join these Entertainment Companies using Vloggi to collect audience video submissions

Vloggi is trusted by industry leaders who recognize the transformative power of viewer video. 

Join the ranks of forward-thinking organizations and take your audience engagement to the next level. 

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How Dude Perfect Trick Shot of the Month Sources video submissions

Video submission platform Vloggi is the video submission management tool used by US sports and comedy YouTube channel Dude Perfect. The channel receives 4,000 video submissions from viewers performing trick shots at home, which the channel incorporates into its programming, ensuring a two-way conversation with its followers.
Case study

More Case Studies Of Audience Video Submissions

PBS uses Vloggi
Viewer Feedback
Viewer Feedback

The US Public Broadcast Service in Montana uses Vloggi to crowdsource viewer feedback to inform future programming

Regio TV uses Vloggi
Viewer Co-Productions
Viewer Co-Productions

South African community television station RegioTV uses Vloggi to collect viewer footage for use in lifestyle and news programs

Nick DiGiovanni uses Vloggi
Video consent managed by the blockchain by Vloggi

Easily Use Other Peoples' Videos In Your Content With Re-Use Permissions

Vloggi's 3 Simple Steps To Better Viewer Engagement

Collect user generated video submissions with Vloggi 300x300 1

1. Collect

Create a video call-out and post a link or use on-screen QR code

Categorize your user generated video with Vloggi 300x300 1

2. Categorize

Tag, sort, and favorite the clips as they come in. Add to project folders.

Create video stories in seconds using Vloggi 1 1 300x300 1

3. Cache

Merge those clips you like into compilations, or download them

Get More Views On Your YouTube Channel With Viewer Videos

Video consent managed by the blockchain by Vloggi

Video Software to make Audience Expansion easy

Refer Us On Your Channel And Earn Commission

We know that running an online community or video channel is a scrabble for every dollar, so we want to give back.

Post a link to our software in the description of a video featuring video submissions collected by Vloggi for other channel admins to see.

When they sign up you’ll get 20-25% commission on the entire life of their subscription with Vloggi.