Get High Quality Royalty-Free Travel Footage Easily With UGC Videos

Do you suffer from a lack of royalty-free travel videos for your tourism business?

Vloggi is a crowdsourced video platform that allows you to gather high quality footage and then sort and organize for re-use in niche marketing

Get royalty free video from travelers for your destination

The Benefits Of UGC Travel Videos

In the social media age, you need video content of every travel experience

User-generated travel videos (UGC travel videos) offer unparalleled benefits for travel & tourism marketing. By catering to niche audiences and providing granular, targeted content tailored to specific demographics, these videos ensure inclusivity and authenticity in showcasing travel experiences.


Building a video library of every travel experience within a region is a monumental task. Forget hero videos, UGC is where to source hard-to-find footage. User-generated video content provides a solution by enabling the aggregation of diverse and extensive footage from travelers exploring various corners of the destination.


Engaging tourism operators, small business owners, and local suppliers in the creation and sharing of video content fosters collaboration and co-promotion opportunities. By empowering suppliers to upload their own videos, destination marketers can amplify the visibility and appeal of these offerings


User-generated videos provide an authentic and trustworthy portrayal of travel experiences, resonating more deeply with prospective visitors than professionally produced content. Real traveler testimonials, genuine reactions, and candid footage capture the essence and spirit of travel


User-generated video content allows for the creation of highly targeted and niche-specific promo videos. Whatever demographic you are targeting, having a bank of user-generated videos offers unparalleled granularity and authenticity in showcasing destinations and experiences

Why use Vloggi for travel & tourism videos?

Vloggi is a digital video submission platform that enables destination marketers, travel companies and tour operators to collect, store and organize video submissions from real travelers, securely at massive scale.

It’s a simple tool to add user-generated video to your current engagement channels, with signed re-use permissions, all in a secure cloud. 

Vloggi works in every continent on earth

Video submission platform Vloggi has been used by travellers in every continent on earth, including Antartica. The system is so simple it works anywhere there is mobile phone coverage, allowing your team, your customers or your visitors to contribute to your video library wherever they travel to.

Prior to COVID, we compiled a short video Around the world in 100 Vloggis showcasing some of the amazing places people have used Vloggi. Watch it above or view on YouTube.

Features built for travel & tourism video libraries

Vloggi is the world leader in user-generated video submission management. Vloggi started as a travel-specific video platform before COVID and many of the features we’ve developed for corporates since then have strengthened the core product for travel & tourism organizations. So you can build your user-generated travel video library easier than ever before.

Do You Need Travel Royalty-Free Stock Video?

98% of travel marketers say they need more video assets*

Influencers, travel vloggers and internal staff not scalable solution for 500-fold increase required
Be ready for the future with Vloggi’s user-generated video library management tools
*source: Future of Travel Marketing Videos, 2020 study by Wyzowl
Create video listings from supplier video
Video Listings
Turn supplier and visitor-sourced UGV travel videos into SEO-friendly video listings easily and quickly for use on yours and partner websites
Get video reviews for your tourism business
Video Reviews
Video reviews are a quick and easy UGC travel video hack that allows you to build a library of royalty-free UGC travel videos to use in marketing
Gather videos from famils
Video Famils
If you give complimentary travel, you can easily source video footage from participants for you to use in destination and experiential marketing

Join leading travel & tourism companies using Vloggi to collect user-generated travel videos

Vloggi is trusted by travel & tourism operators and agencies that recognize the transformative power of user-generated video.

Join the ranks of innovative travel marketers using travel video libraries powered by Vloggi.
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Video locations

Crowdsourcing Is The Top UGC Travel Hack For 2024

Case Studies Of UGC Travel Video In Use

Reho Travel used Vloggi in Antarctica 1024x576 1
Famil Videos
Famil Videos
Melbourne travel agency Reno Travel uses Vloggi to turn staff educationals into video marketing collateral for niche clients
Coffee in My Hood 1024x576 1
Video Series
Video Series
The South Australian tourism board crowdsourced footage from influencers across Adelaide to create the Life In My Hood series
JUCYMOMENTS NZ in fjordland 1024x576 2
Video Contests
Video Contests
The youth campervan and lifestyle brand JUCY uses traveler-supplied video to build its royalty-free UGC travel video library
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Start Your UGC Travel Video Library In 3 Steps

Collect user generated video submissions with Vloggi 300x300 1

1. Collect

Build a video upload page for your residents to submit video clips

Categorize your user generated video with Vloggi 300x300 1

2. Categorize

Tag, sort, and favorite the clips as they come in. Add to project folders.

Create video stories in seconds using Vloggi 1 1 300x300 1

3. Compile

Merge those clips you like into compilations, or use automations

Claim copyright over UGC videos with Vloggi

How To Guarantee Royalty-Free Travel Stock Video

Free EBook: How To Use Staff Travel To Power Your Video Marketing

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Frequently asked questions

Vloggi is a private video repository where travellers opt to share their travel videos with a brand, a destination marketing organization or a travel provider. Its main use is to build up a video library of travel and tourism assets. Many organizations gather user-generated footage to then produce social media content.
Each project owner can set their own content rules. No clips are published until the project owner moderates the content.
No. Your contributors acknowledge the transfer of their clip and IP rights to you for use in marketing upon upload. So no more chasing people down. You can even add a link to further T&Cs

Our pricing is based on three factors: number of users with an organziation, storage required of clips and building custom workflows for your organization. Our standard pricing is available on our pricing page. Most governmental clients opt for a custom build and a longer-term contract to off-set against operational expenditure budgets.

By default, all videos and end-user data is stored in our servers in Australia. However, as part of custom builds we can replicate or transfer all data storage to almost any location in the world to suit your requirement under your local laws.
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Innovation category shortlist

Vloggi was a finalist in the Travel Awards innovation category, 2021

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Travel tech accelerator

Vloggi was selected to participate in the Virtuoso travel technology accelerator

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