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Media release – UGC video platform Vloggi completes major tech demonstration for investors

  • Over 100 event participants upload video clips simultaneously to Vloggi

  • Highlight compilation automatically made in seconds and displayed during live demo

  • Tech demo paves the wave for $1.5 million seed raise to commercialise


SYDNEY, 15 June 2021Australian user-generated video platform Vloggi Friday completed its largest technology demonstration to date, with over 100 end-users uploading video clips simultaneously. The demo took place at the annual Investor Ready technology showcase held at leading Sydney incubator Fishburners. 

A prerequisite for the Investor Ready demo night is fully-functioning technology that is ready to scale globally. Vloggi is a video crowdsourcing platform already in use with 300 customers around the world, using the tool to gather clips from their community, colleagues or customers and transform them quickly into professional videos. 

“The aim of the demo was to prove our central brand promise that we make video 1000x faster than traditional methods and 100x cheaper,” said Justin Wastnage, founder and CEO of Vloggi, who led the demo alongside Tarryn Myburgh, the company’s head of video. 

“Our CTO Jeremy Giraudet was a little nervous to stress-test the system in such a high-pressure environment, but I never had any doubts that our back-end could handle it. We have built one of the fastest video encoders in the business and it can handle projects far bigger than this,” Mr Wastnage added. 

Four companies were selected to demonstrate their core technology. The attendees were asked to record themselves waving on their phones, then presented with a QR code that took them to a Fishburners branded upload page. 335 people around the world accessed the upload page simultaneously and 107 went on to upload a video from their phone’s library. 

Fishburners demos Vloggi live at Investor Ready demo night

Fishburners demos Vloggi live at Investor Ready demo night


“Have you ever tried to make an Instagram Story with so many people?” Mr Wastnage asked the crowd after a short pitch of the platform before revealing the fully finished compilation video. “Well, that’s exactly what Fishburners just did with all your clips”.




“It was great to hear an audible ‘wow’ from the crowd when they saw the finished video presented so quickly on screen. As a tech company we live for the wow moment and it was great that Adrian Petersen from AfterWork Ventures said on stage that he had never seen any video created so quickly from so many people. It was the validation of the tech stack that we needed to go forward onto the next round of our fundraising.”

Following a A$750,000 raise completed in April, the company is now raising A$1.5 million to commercialise and scale the product globally. The company’s current traction is largely in the United States and Canada in the advocacy and stakeholder engagement sector.

It follows a strong 2020 during which it onboarded several significant Australian customers including JAX Tyres & Autos, JUCY campervan rentals and the New South Wales Education Standards Authority (NESA). 



Fishburners wave demo screenshot Vloggi

Fishburners wave demo screenshot Vloggi


Vloggi was chosen by NESA to support last year’s High School Certificate awards, allowing students topping the state across more than 100 subjects to video and submit their acceptance speeches and share inspiration with their peers and communities, transcending the restrictions of COVID-19 lockdowns.

“Video is now poised to explode as the dominant vehicle for creating authentic content supporting brand messaging and the building of active, engaged customer communities,” Wastnage added.

“And Vloggi is now the best-placed platform in this space to capitalise on surging interest amongst all businesses and industries looking for ways to solve the problem of how to generate quality video content at scale and for minimal cost.”


Adrian Petersen AfterWork Ventures talks to Justin Wastnage and Tarryn Myburgh from Vloggi following tech demo at Investor Ready 2021

Adrian Petersen AfterWork Ventures talks to Justin Wastnage and Tarryn Myburgh from Vloggi following tech demo at Investor Ready 2021



About Vloggi 


Vloggi is a video production platform that combines a smart video upload tool with sophisticated cloud-based video automation tools for businesses to manipulate and license this content.

Through the combination of a smart video uploader for end users and cloud-based server-side video assembly, the platform can reduce the cost of video production by a factor of one hundred. Vloggi’s USP is making crowdsourced video marketing campaigns effortless.

Vloggi enables the creation of authentic video content at scale. Vloggi is the first crowdsourcing platform to integrate a data-led video upload tool into the ecosystem. The platform also ensures all content is licensed for re-use, eliminating the pain point of chasing IP rights.

Founded in 2018, Vloggi is the world’s first collaborative video production platform using AI to process, sort and annotate user-generated video for use by businesses and social groups. It is a registered trademark of parent company, tech investment vehicle Ciné Souk Pty Ltd.

The company was founded by Justin Wastnage, a former director of the Tourism & Transport Forum,  and founder of the Flight TV aviation video channel. Wastnage started his career with interactive digital television pioneer Static 2358 (later PlayJam) before creating video content for Microsoft.  The company’s technical team is headed up by co-founder and CTO, Jeremy Giraudet who developed podcasting distribution and storytelling software for global technology companies.  Vloggi is based in the Sydney Startup Hub.  


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