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Media release: Video disruptor Vloggi records 400% growth since global launch in April

  • Vloggi records 27% month-on-month growth in customers

  • Over 400% growth in visitors as the result of successful search marketing

  • Majority of new sign-ups from the US and Canada


SYDNEY – July, 28, 2021 - Sydney-based video scale-up Vloggi recorded a 27 percent growth in customers and a 400 percent increase in web traffic following its expansion into core global markets in April 2021.  The user-generated video disruptor today revealed its growth metrics on its global launch activity, initiated immediately following completion of the company’s $750,000 pre-see raise in April this year.

Highlights included a more than 400 percent aggregate increase in new visitors, driven largely by a sharp uptick in awareness amongst US, UK and Canadian video marketers – up 376, 1,447 and 1,800 percent respectively – while users in Vloggi’s home market of Australia rose an impressive 187 percent.

“The faith of our foundation investors increasing their positions, as well as new investors signing on in March, has been rewarded with this clear signal that crowdsourced, user-generated-video is on the crest of a wave for brands and marketers around the world,” said Vloggi founder and CEO, Justin Wastnage.

“We made a very strategic hire in February of David Taylor-Smith, who has already propelled six startups to the magic figure of $10,000 monthly recurring revenue. David’s work in taking the product global is already paying massive dividends, with significant take-up in North America,” Wastnage said. 

“North America does tend to be ahead of Australia when it comes to adopting new technologies and with 75 percent of our traffic now originating in the US or Canada, this bears testimony to this reputation as an early adopter geography. Collecting and curating video from customers and community members is a pain point facing many North American businesses, especially after COVID” he added.

Unlike influencer marketing or hashtag campaigns, video clips submitted to Vloggi projects remain private until compiled by the organisation and then shared on their marketing channels.

New customers signing up to the platform over the past three months include a high-profile politician in Canada who is using the tool to crowdsource constituent views, a national US advocacy organisation campaigning for paid parental leave and a city mayor in the mid-west seeking residents views on the city’s climate action plan. 

The growth has not all been in North America, with active users now picking up the platform in Vietnam, Romania, Italy and New Zealand. “We were always global from day one, but there’s only so many markets we can target for growth at once,” Mr Wastnage said.  

“We are seeing a lot of growth in the direct advocacy sector in the US in particular. Grassroots activism and direct action campaigns are more common in North America than in Australia, and we are performing very well in our search engine optimisation strategies for this market,” he added.  

The platform is also being used by Hamilton The Musical’s Australian expansion into Victoria where, despite the lockdowns now affecting several Australian states, Hamilfans have been submitting video clips via Vloggi featuring their take on the hit musical’s song “My Shot”.

Today’s data announcement also builds on Vloggi’s improved financial position and market penetration throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, which has seen many companies seek to increase their investment in creating authentic video content to maintain and even deepen customer engagement.

Building on this, the Vloggi platform is also now optimised for an even wider array of use cases following deep consultation and taking onboard of extensive user feedback since the product was launched in late 2020. The platform recently upgraded all its servers to full high definition dimensions, making it the only customer-sourced video tool to offer end-to-end full high definition video. 

Brands are now using Vloggi to create everything from video competitions, to product demos and unboxing, driving social media campaigns and much more. A major university has signed up to the platform’s enterprise tier, after Vloggi was able to satisfy the 100-point data security review, paving the way for larger enterprise customers services through the company’s innovative API. 

Customers are also reporting that they’re now viewing Vloggi as an ideal platform for building out their video libraries at minimal cost. “We are now seeing customers who started with a single campaign, retaining their subscriptions in order to retain the valuable videos shot by their actual customers, ” said Mr Wastnage. 

“Creating a comprehensive and indexable video library really is the next holy grail for content marketing and effective customer and community engagement,” Wastnage said. 

Vloggi is now raising a seed round of $1.5 million, from which 45 percent will be spent on marketing to accelerate this growth further. “We have the right messaging, the right marketing collateral, the right marketing team. Now we just need to add fuel to the locomotive,” Mr Wasnage said.

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About Vloggi 


Vloggi is a video production platform that combines a smart video upload tool with sophisticated cloud-based video automation tools for businesses to manipulate and license this content.

Through the combination of a smart video uploader for end users and cloud-based server-side video assembly, the platform can reduce the cost of video production by a factor of one hundred. Vloggi’s USP is making crowdsourced video marketing campaigns effortless.

Vloggi enables the creation of authentic video content at scale. Vloggi is the first crowdsourcing platform to integrate a data-led video upload tool into the ecosystem. The platform also ensures all content is licensed for re-use, eliminating the pain point of chasing IP rights.

Founded in 2018, Vloggi is the world’s first collaborative video production platform using AI to process, sort and annotate user-generated video for use by businesses and social groups. It is a registered trademark of parent company, tech investment vehicle Ciné Souk Pty Ltd.

The company was founded by Justin Wastnage, a former director of the Tourism & Transport Forum,  and founder of the Flight TV aviation video channel. Wastnage started his career with interactive digital television pioneer Static 2358 (later PlayJam) before creating video content for Microsoft.  The company’s technical team is headed up by co-founder and CTO, Jeremy Giraudet who developed podcasting distribution and storytelling software for global technology companies.  Vloggi is based in the Sydney Startup Hub.


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