UGC Event Videos To Boost Engagement And Increase Diversity

Harness the views and videos of your event attendees and make them part of the show.

Whether you’re organizing a conference, seminar, or business event, our platform empowers you to collect compelling video content and create captivating highlight reels that engage your audience and elevate your event experience

Collect UGC videos at events with Vloggi

The benefits of delegate video submissions

In the age of inclusion, diversity matters. Video questions give your event broader demographics.  

At Vloggi, we understand the power of video in capturing the essence and energy of events.

By including video questions in your event content programming, you allow those without a voice to participate. These could be minorities or simply those at home.

Our platform is designed to seamlessly integrate video submissions into your pre-event marketing, giving you a rich bank of video assets to use in your event audiovisual programming.

Boost Diversity

Break the pattern of typical Q&A sessions where alpha males tend to dominate. Delegate-sourced videos enable you to gather questions from a more diverse range of attendees, including individuals from various backgrounds, fostering inclusivity and ensuring a broader representation

No dead air

Eliminate the risk of dead air during questions-from-the-audience segments by having a bank of pre-submitted video questions ready to go. This ensures a steady stream of engaging content for moderators to draw from, maintaining event momentum and energy.

Teaser content

Use the best video questions as teasers in your pre-event marketing efforts. Highlight intriguing questions and entice attendees by inviting them to come and hear the answers firsthand. This builds anticipation and generates excitement, increasing attendance.

Prep Speakers

Provide keynote speakers with insights into the questions and topics that attendees are interested in. By sharing delegate questions with speakers beforehand, you empower them to tailor their presentations and responses accordingly, delivering more relevant and impactful content

Why collect videos from delegates?

Delegate engagement is significantly heightened when attendees anticipate seeing themselves featured in event content. By leveraging delegate-sourced videos, where attendees have the opportunity to ask questions and share their perspectives, the sense of personal investment and involvement is amplified.

Attendees are more likely to actively participate, contribute, and remain attentive throughout the event when they know their voices and contributions are valued and potentially showcased. This creates a sense of community and belonging, fostering deeper connections and a more memorable event experience for all involved.

How AVON gathered over 1,000 delegate videos

Video submission platform Vloggi was chosen by the Italian division of cosmetics giant AVON to power its event attendance engagement video segments during its annual Inspiring conference. Over 1,000 AVON sales representatives at home were featured prominently throughout the hybrid event.

Features built for events

Vloggi is the world leader in user-generated video submission management. Many of the features we’ve developed for communication clients cross over into event audiovisual perfectly, so your delegates will love contributing via video instead of text-based forms.
Video kiosks at events

Video Is Crucial To Hybrid Events' Success

Video questions reduce unnecessary travel to events, helping sustainability targets

Video questions are more engaging for those hybrid attendees of events

The landscape of events has been rapidly evolving, spurred by advancements in technology and a changing society. Hybrid events have gained prominence as a response to the evolving preferences and needs of attendees.

Studies* show the importance of offering remote access options to accommodate diverse audiences and enhance event accessibility.

In an era characterized by heightened digital connectivity and remote work practices, the expectation for hybrid events to provide at-home access has become imperative.  

*source: Tao Y, Steckel D, Klemeš JJ, You F. Trend towards virtual and hybrid conferences may be an effective climate change mitigation strategy. Nat Commun. 2021 Dec
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Strategic partnership with Event Hub for integrations

In 2023 Vloggi signed a strategic partnership with Event Hub to integrate video questions into existing event management software. All integrations are available via web hooks and external API connections

Three Examples Of Delegate Event Videos

Collect Q&As via video for events with Vloggi
Event Video Q&A
Collect video content and questions from delegates ahead of your conference or event. Use in pre-event marketing and canned content during the event
Create exhbition buzz reels from delegate footage with Vloggi
Event Buzz Reels
Transform delegate footage into dynamic highlight reels that capture your event. Showcase the exhibition floor, tours, networking, and anywhere film crews miss
Capture multiple angles of video at events with Vloggi
Multi-angle Events
Capture a large event from multiple and unique angles by crowdsourcing footage from attendees. Splice fan footage together with professional footage

Case Studies Of User-Generated Event Videos

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Video Questions
Video Questions
Startup incubator Fishburners uses Vloggi to capture online audience questions displayed during its live hybrid events
Read more
Avon virtual event wave video e1632703147447 1024x572 1
Video Shout-Outs
Video Shout-Outs
Cosmetics giant AVON uses Vloggi to recognise top sales agents during its annual convention in Italy through video shout-outs
Read more
Spark Festival screen shot 1024x576 1
Exhibition Videos
Exhibition Videos
The City of Sydney Spark Festival collects delegate videos from the exhibition hall and creates highlights reels for social media

Vloggi is the video submission software used by:

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Get instant reactions from attendees during your event

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Easily gather stakeholder video clips for virtual events

Why use Vloggi for your event videos

Start collecting delegate messages in three easy steps

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1. Build your landing page

Customize your upload landing page and ask custom questions

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2. Share your magic link

Invite your community to upload anywhere, any time

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3. Grow your video library

Manage your video content and merge the best clips into stories