How real estate marketers are learning to do more with less

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but video is estimated to be worth well over a million. So it may come as no surprise that video marketing is taking over almost every aspect of content marketing. Yet there is one sector where video appears obvious, but is not yet mainstream: real estate.

How coronavirus could be the tipping point for video collaboration

User-generated video

No one hates uncertainty more than investors. Two days ago global markets were down by record amounts and the G7 finance ministers were arranging emergency talks on how to ward against the impacts of a global slowdown. Chinese factory output is down, global air travel is highly disrupted and global business events are being cancelled.

Will narrowcasting replace broadcasting?

Just as YouTube enabled one-to-many video producers to replace the networked media production hegemony, we are now entering the era of many-to-many video production and distribution, where ultra-niche programming is co-created by communities. The next leap forward will come through a combination of machine learning to automate production, video templating to automate post-production and crowdsourcing content to decentralise the filming.